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The Complete Chess Course The Complete Chess Course
by Fred Reinfeld
Reissue Edition, Hardcover
Published by Doubleday
Publication date: November 1990
Dimensions (in inches): 9.54 x 6.49 x 2

Combining eight volumes into one, the most comprehensive book on chess ever published. From opening gambit to endgame, this home-study chess course is the classic in the field.


Other books on Chess. . .

100 Master Games of Modern Chess; Saveli Grigorevich, Tartakover; Paperback

101 Chess Problems for Beginners; Fred Reinfeld; Paperback

101 Questions on How to Play Chess; Fred Wilson; Paperback

107 Great Chess Battles, 1939-1945 (Dover Books on Chess); Alexander Alekhine; Paperback

200 Classic Chess Puzzles; Martin Greif; Paperback

200 Demanding Chess Puzzles; Martin Greif; Paperback

200 Open Games (Chess); David Bronstein, Philip J. Booth; Paperback

360 Brilliant and Instructive End Games.; Aleksei Alekseevich Troitskii, Aleksei A. Troitzky; Paperback

500 Master Games of Chess (3 Books in 1 Volume); Saveli-I Grigor-Evich, Tartakower, A. Tartakow; Paperback

The ABCs of Chess : Invaluable, Detailed Lessons for Players of All Levels; Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

The Application of Chess Theory; Yefim Geller; Paperback

The Art of Defense in Chess; Andrew Soltis; Paperback

The Art of Sacrifice in Chess; Rudolf Spielmann, et al; Paperback

The Art of the Middle Game; Paul Keres, et al; Paperback

Attack With Mikhail Tal (Cadogan Chess Books); Mikhail Tal, et al; Hardcover

Basis of Combination in Chess.; Julius Dumont, J. Du Mont; Paperback

Beating the Sicilian 3 (Batsford Chess Library); John Nunn, Joe Gallagher; Paperback

Beginners Guide to Winning Chess (Family Know How); Fred Feinfeld, Fred Reinfeld; Paperback

Beginning Chess (Fireside Chess Library); Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

Beginning Chess Play (Road to Chess Mastery); Bill Robertie; Paperback

Best Lessons of a Chess Coach (McKay Chess Library); Sunil Weeramantry, Ed Eusebi; Paperback

Better Chess for Average Players (Dover Books on Chess); Tim Harding; Paperback

Blackmar-Diemer Gambit (Batsford Chess Library. Openings); Gary Lane, Gary Gane; Paperback

Bobby Fischer; Lou Hays; Paperback

Bobby Fischer : A Study of His Approach to Chess (Cadogan Chess Books); Elie Agur; Paperback

Bobby Fischer's Outrageous Chess Moves (Fireside Chess Library); Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

Capablanca's Best Chess Endings; Irving Chernev; Paperback

Checkmate (Cadagon Chess Series); Svend Novrop, et al; Paperback

Chess (Play the Game); Charles Filtness; Paperback

Chess (Teach Yourself); William R. Hartston, Teach Yourself; Paperback

Chess : 5334 Problems, Combinations, and Games; Laszlo Polgar; Hardcover

Chess Basics; Nigel Short; Paperback

The Chess Doctor : Sure Fire Cures for What Ails Your Game (Fireside Chess Library); Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

The Chess Encyclopedia; Nathan Divinsky; Hardcover

Chess for Absolute Beginners (Batsford Chess Library); Raymond Keene, Barry Martin; Paperback

Chess for Beginners (Fireside Chess Library); I.A. Horowitz, Israel A. Horwotiz; Paperback

Chess for Beginners : A Picture Guide; Al Horowitz; Paperback

Chess for Children; Ted Nottingham, et al; Hardcover

Chess for Dummies (For Dummies); James Eade; Paperback

Chess for Juniors : A Complete Guide for the Beginner; Robert M. Snyder; Paperback

Chess Fundamentals; Jr Capablanca; Paperback

Chess Fundamentals (Cadagon Chess Books); Jose Capablanca; Paperback

Chess in a Nutshell; Fred Reinfeld; Paperback

Chess in the Fast Lane : Michael Adams's Best Games 1989-93 (Cadogan Chess Books); Michael Adams, Bill Adams; Paperback

Chess Middlegames : Essential Knowledge (Cadogan Chess Books); Yuri Averbakh; Paperback

Chess Openings : Traps and Zaps; Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

Chess Praxis; Aron Nimzovich; Paperback

Chess Problems : Tasks and Records; Jeremy Morse; Paperback

Chess Puzzles; David Norwood, D. Norwood; Paperback

Chess Puzzles (Batsford Chess Library); David Norwood; Paperback

Chess Self-Teacher/Eight Lessons With Quizzes and Reviews; Al Horowitz; Paperback

Chess Target Practice : Battle Tactics for Every Square on the Board (Fireside Chess Library); Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

The Chess Teacher (Cadogan Chess Series); Alan Phillips; Paperback

Chess Thinking (Fireside Chess Library); Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

Chess Traps, Pitfalls and Swindles; Israel A. Horowitz; Paperback

Chessercizes (Fireside Chess Library); Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

Combinations : The Heart of Chess; Irving Chernev, Irving Vhernev; Paperback

Common Sense in Chess; E. Lasker, Emanuel Lasker; Paperback

The Complete Benoni (Batsford Chess Library); Lev Psakhis; Paperback

The Complete Chess Course; Fred Reinfeld; Hardcover

The Complete Vienna (Batsford Chess Library); Mikhail Tseitlin, et al; Paperback

Comprehensive Chess Course Vol 1; Roman Pelts, Lev Alburt; Paperback

Comprehensive Chess Course Vol 2; Roman Pelts, Lev Alburt; Paperback

Decisive Games in Chess History; Ludek Pachman, Apshman Ludek; Paperback

Dynamic Chess : The Modern Style of Aggressive Play; Richard Nevil Coles, Richard N. Coles; Paperback

Easy Guide to Chess (Cadogan Chess); B.H. Wood, Baruch Wood; Paperback

Endgame Strategy (Cadogan Chess); M.I. Shereshevsky, et al; Paperback

Epic Battles of the Chessboard; R. N. Coles, et al; Paperback

The Fine Art of Swindling (Cadogan Chess Series); Ali Mortazavi; Paperback

First Book of Chess; Al Horowitz, Fred Reinfeld; Paperback

Gambits (Batsford Chess Library); Graham Burgess; Paperback

The Game of Chess; Siegbert Tarrasch; Paperback

Garry Kasparov's Chess Puzzle Book (Cadogan Chess); Garry Kasparov, Ken Neat; Paperback

The Genesis of Power Chess : Effective Winning Technique for Strategy and Tactics; Leslie Ault; Paperback

Great Brilliancy Prize Games of the Chess Masters (Dover Books on Chess); Fred Reinfeld; Paperback

Great Short Games of the Chess Masters; Fred Reinfeld; Paperback

A Guide to Chess Endings; MacHgielis Euwe, Max Euwe; Paperback

Half a Century of Chess; M. M. Botvinnik, Mikhail Botvinnik; Hardcover

How Good Is Your Chess? : Rate Your Skill and Improve Your Strategy by Participating in 35 Master Games; Leonard Barden; Paperback

How Karpov Wins; Edmar Mednis; Paperback

How to Cheat at Chess : Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Chess, but Were Afraid to Ask; William R. Hartston, et al; Paperback

How to Get Better at Chess : Chess Masters on Their Art; Larry Evans, et al; Paperback

How to Improve Your Chess; I. A. Horowitz, et al; Paperback

How to Play the Chess Openings; Eugene A. Znosko-Borovski, Eugene A. Znosko-Borovsky; Paperback

How to Reassess Your Chess : A Complete Course to Chess Mastery; Jeremy Silman; Paperback

How to Win at Chess (Batsford Chess Library); Raymond Keene; Paperback

How to Win at Chess : 10 Golden Rules to Follow (Cadogan Chess Books); Daniel King; Paperback

How to Win in the Chess Openings (Fireside Chess Library); I.A. Horowitz; Paperback

The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings; Reuben Fine; Paperback

The Immortal Games of Capablanca; Fred Reinfeld; Paperback

The Inner Game of Chess : How to Calculate and Win (McKay Chess Library); Andy Soltis, Andrew Soltis; Paperback

Introduction to Chess Moves and Tactics Simply Explained; Leonard Barden; Paperback

An Invitation to Chess : A Picture Guide to the Royal Game; Irving Chernev, Kenneth Harkness; Paperback

Josh Waitzkin's Attacking Chess : Aggressive Strategies and Inside Moves from the U.S. Junior Chess Champion (Fireside Chess Library); Josh Waitzkin, Fred Waitzkin; Paperback

Judgment and Planning in Chess; Max Euwe; Paperback

The Kids' Book of Chess/Book and Kids' Chess Set; Harvey Kidder, Kimberly Bulcken Root; Calendar

The King's Gambit As White; Robert Raingruber, et al; Paperback

King's Indian Defence : Averbakh Variation (Cadogan Chess Books); Margeir Petursson; Paperback

Learn Chess : A Complete Course (Cadagon Chess); O'd Alexander C.H., et al; Paperback

Learn Chess in a Weekend (Learn in a Weekend Series); Ken Whyld, Philip Gatward; Hardcover

Lessons from My Games : A Passion for Chess; Reuben Fine; Paperback

The Logical Approach to Chess; Max Et Al Euwe, Max Euwe; Paperback

The March of Chess Ideas (McKay Chess Library); Anthony Saidy; Paperback

Mastering Chess : A Course in 21 Lessons (Cadogan Chess); D. Kopec, et al; Paperback

Mastering the Endgame : Closed Games Vol 2; M.I. Shereshevsky, et al; Paperback

Mastering the Endgame : Open and Semi-Open Games (Pergamon Russian Chess Series) Vol 1; M.I. Shereshevsky, et al; Paperback

The Middle Game in Chess; Eugene Aleksandrovich Znosko-Borovsky, Eugene Znosko-Borovsky; Paperback

Modern Chess Openings : McO-13; Walter Korn, Nick De Firmian; Paperback

Modern Chess Openings : McO-13 (McKay Chess Library); Walter Korn; Hardcover

The Modern Chess Self-Tutor (Cadogan Chess Books); David Bronstein, Ken Neat; Hardcover

Modern Chess Strategy Vol 9; Edward Lasker; Paperback

Modern Chess Strategy; Lud-Ek Pachman; Paperback

More Chess Openings : Traps and Zaps 2; Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

More Chessercizes : Checkmate! (Fireside Chess Library); Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played : 62 Masterpieces of Chess Strategy; Irving Chernev; Paperback

My System.; Aron Nimzovich; Paperback

New Ideas in Chess; Larry Evans; Paperback

The Official Chess Yearbook 1996; British Chess Federation; Paperback

The Open Game in Action : Intermediate Level (MacMillan Chess Library); Anatoly Karpov, V. Kalinin; Paperback

The Open Spanish (Cadogan Chess); Mikhail Krasenkov; Hardcover

Opening Play (The Batsford Chess Library); Chris Ward; Paperback

Opening Preparation (Batsford Chess Library); Mark Dvoretsky, et al; Paperback

An Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player (Cadogan Chess Books); Eduard Gufeld, Ken Neat; Paperback

An Opening Repertoire for White (Batsford Chess Library); Raymond Keene, et al; Paperback

The Oxford Companion to Chess; David Hooper, Kenneth Whyld; Paperback

Pandolfini's Chess Complete (Fireside Chess Library); Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

Pandolfini's Endgame Course; Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

Pawn Power (The Batsford Chess Library); Angus Dunnington; Paperback

Pawn Power in Chess; Hans Kmoch; Paperback

Pawn Structure Chess (McKay Chess Library); Andrew Soltis; Paperback

Picture History of Chess; Fred Wilson; Paperback

Planning (Batsford Chess Library); Neil McDonald; Paperback

Play Chess Combinations and Sacrifices (Cadogan Chess Books); David Levy; Paperback

Play the French (Cadogan Chess Series); John Watson; Paperback

Play the Noteboom (Cadogan Chess Books); Mark Van Der Werf, Teun Van Der Vorm; Paperback

Play Winning Chess : An Introduction to the Moves, Strategies, and Philosophy of Chess from the Usa's #1 Ranked Chess Player; Yasser Seirawan, Jeremy Silman; Paperback

Positional Sacrifices; Neil McDonald; Paperback

Power Mates : Essential Checkmating Strategies and Techniques; Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

Practical Chess Endings : A Basic Guide to Endgame Strategy for the Beginner and the More Advanced Chess Player; Irving Chernev; Paperback

A Primer of Chess; Jose Raul Capablanca, J. R. Capablanca; Paperback

A Primer of Chess/Algebraic Edition; Jose Capablanca; Paperback

Rate Your Endgame; Edmar Mednis, Colin Crouch; Paperback

Simon and Schuster Pocket Book of Chess (Books for Young Readers); Raymond D. Keene, Raymond Keene; Paperback

Simple Checkmates; A. J. Gillam; Paperback

Smyslov's 125 Selected Games; V. V. Smyslov, et al; Paperback

Square One : The Best Chess Drill Book for Beginners of All Ages (Fireside Chess Library); Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

Starting Chess (First Skills Series); Harriet Castor, et al; Library Binding

The Sveshnikov Sicilian (Cadogan Chess Books); Mikhail Krasenkov; Paperback

Technique for the Tournament Player (Batsford Chess Library); Mark Dvoretsky, et al; Paperback

Technique in Chess; Gerald Abrahams; Paperback

Test and Improve Your Chess : Numerical Evaluation and Other Improvement Techniques (Cadogan Chess); Lev Alburt, Kenneth P. Neat; Paperback

Test Your Chess IQ : Grandmaster Challenge/Book 3 (Cadogan Chess); A. Livshitz, et al; Paperback

Timman's Selected Games : Chess the Adventurous Way; Jan Timman; Paperback

Twelve Great Chess Players and Their Best Games; Irving Chernev; Paperback

U.S. Chess Federation's Official Rules of Chess (McKay Chess Library); Bill Goichberg, et al; Paperback

The Unknown Capablanca (Dover Books on Chess); David Hooper, Dale Brandreth; Paperback

Weapons of Chess : An Omnibus of Chess Strategy; Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback

What's the Best Move? : Chess Quiz (Fireside Chess Library); Larry Evans; Paperback

Win at Chess; F. Reinfeld; Paperback

Winning Chess; Irving Chernev; Paperback

Winning Chess Brilliancies; Yasser Seirawan; Paperback

Winning Chess Openings (Road to Chess Mastery); Bill Robertie; Paperback

Winning Chess Stategies : Proven Principles from One of the U.S.A.'s Top Chess Players; Yasser Seirawan; Paperback

Winning Chess Tactics; Yasser Seirawan, Jeremy Silman; Paperback

Winning Chess Tactics (Road to Chess Mastery); Bill Robertie; Paperback

Winning With Chess Psychology; Pal Benko, et al; Paperback

Winning With the French (Openings); Wolfgang Uhlmann; Paperback

World Chess Championship 1995 (Cadogan Chess Series); Daniel King; Hardcover

The World's Great Chess Games; Reuben Fine; Paperback

Zurich International Chess Tournament, 1953; David Bronstein; Paperback

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