NO SMOKE Software
For Corporate and Institutional Anti-Smoking Campaigns

No Smoke is a unique computer-aided method to quit smoking using many video game elements. Custom versions of No Smoke are available for corporate wellness programs, HMOs, hospitals, public relations efforts, and other types of anti-smoking campaigns.

This page showcases some of the graphics and animation screens on the No Smoke Windows software program. For text examples, click here.

Below is the No Smoke Main Menu Screen

No Smoke combines animations and multimedia sounds to appeal to the kid in all of us, but it is also designed to lay the groundwork for an adult's serious quit smoking campaign. The program is filled with effective sections that cover the quit smoking field completely.

With the animated Excuse Blaster, wizards, pterodactyls, jets, helicopters and tanks appear to blast away all those silly excuses smokers make (you can program in your own).

The Smoke Zapper video game lets you match wits against flying cigarettes that send smoking butts to try to get you. Programmable affirmations and health suggestions flash on the screen as you play.

A special section shows you how you ease out your stress.

Other sections help you catalog your smoking history, analyze why you smoke, quit without gaining weight, and even calculate how much money you will save by quitting. A master quitting strategy section coordinates it all.

Requires Windows. $19.95 in single copy version.

NO SMOKE is designed to keep track of information entries for multiple users. Reduced rate site licenses for corporations, health care institutions and schools are available, and custom versions of NO SMOKE can be produced. For further information about licensed versions of NO SMOKE, please contact Elliot Essman, the developer. Information is on our contact page.

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