Subliminal Diet Food Blaster

A unique video game that helps you create healthy eating habits. In the graphic below, you use your broccoli to zap the marauding junk food (the burger and fries) while avoiding the junk food smart bombs (the ketchup and mayo.)

At the same time, subliminal health suggestions flash on the screen and seep right into your brain. You can program your own health or weight loss suggestions.

After every round, both the junk food and the healthy food images change, but the game gets harder. The junk food gains intelligence at avoiding your shots, while the junk food smart bombs get smarter as they try to home in on you.

The more you concentrate on the game, the more powerful the suggestions that seep into your mind.

There's nothing like SUBLIMINAL DIET FOOD BLASTER. Runs on both Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. Only $19.95 from Elliot Essman.

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