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Russ Lephart writes: I will be speaking publicly to teens and pre-teens about the effects of smoking. I am coming up short on hard data evidence and stats involving longevity and cancer related issues (smoking vs. non-smoking). I would appreciate any data or location of such data on the web. Pictures or location of such would also be appreciated. I have been smoke free for eight years now and it feels great. Again thanks for your info and help in preparing my talks for our children!

Debby writes: Hello to all of you smokers trying to quit, and ex-smokers! I am on day seven without cigarettes, and writing to tell you about my experience! I quit on January Third,1997 to save some money. My husband and I were two pack a day smokers, and we decided that we were spending $300 a month on cigarettes! It's amazing what an incentive that little tax boost was to quit. We have three children that are also very thankful. "Mom, Dad, you finally quit... you aren't going to die now!"

Sandra Cornwell writes: My husband and I recently found out that our ten year old son has experimented with smoking twice. Neither my husband or I smoke and it is very important to us that our children not smoke. My question is how do I get it across to him how damaging and unhealthy smoking is without our conversation turning into us preaching and him tuning us out. We've heard about making him smoke until he is physically ill. I don't know about this option. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Kim Brady writes: Smokers are wonderful at ignoring newspaper articles on the hazards of smoking or hearing, but not really HEARING, about the damage smoking is doing to their bodies. On October 1, 1996, for some unknown reason, I actually heard my doctor at a regular checkup tell me that I would not live to know my grandchildren. I left his office and have not had a cigarette since. I did not know the last cigarette I smoked would be (hopefully) the last cigarette I smoked. It's been three weeks, and I no longer want to kill my husband or coworkers. I think about the healing that started three weeks ago and continues each minute I refrain from putting nicotine in my body. Prayers are helpful, and mine go out to each and every one of you who are trying to live smoke free. God bless and good luck.

Tom Larson writes: What makes me sick to see is when adults or anybody for that matter smokes in front of children. I see it time and again, and the worse situation is when in a closed automoble. Those kids have no choice but to breath that air in that car. To me and I would bet people would agree that THAT situation constitutes a form of child abuse! I would appreciate some kind of responce to my opinion.

Ingo Schmidt-Hammer writes: Simply read the message on every package: Smoking kills. I see it every day!

Steve writes: We've just discovered that our 13 year old daughter is smoking 7 cigarettes a day and says she's now hooked. Although we show her all of the available material on diseases etc. she, like most children of her age, believes that she's immune/immortal. How should we best persuade her to give up? And does she need the help of products such as gum? BTW we are a non-smoking family, so she doesn't get the idea, or any encouragement to smoke from us.

R. David Nackerud writes: I would like a list of all the non-tobacco products that RJR and PM sell so I can boycott their products. Do you know of just a list? Can I find it on the internet? Thanks. Your page is great!

A reader writes: quitting was easy eight years ago, while recovering from surgery under the effects of Demerol. I was 31 and had been smoking for 20 years. The surgery was necessary to remove tissue which contained the beginnings of cancer. I was lucky that it was caught so early. I was not lucky that after surgery I could no longer have children. My doctors informed me that if I had never smoked, I would not have gotten so sick. So, I was at a point that if I wanted to see my existing children grow up, I had to quit. Also, my then seven-year old daughter gave me a valentine which read, " Happy Valentine's Day. I Love You. You Are Going to Get Lung Cancer and Die." What a terrible thing for a child to worry over. If you can't quit for yourself, quit for your kids.

A reader writes: On May 13th, 1995 I decided to stop smoking. I have been smoke free for eight months now and have never felt better. My children think it's great that I am finally rid it. I can't believe I ever thought that smoking was enjoyable to me.

Kim D. Mead writes: Greetings! I am looking for a resourse please. My daughter is 17 - I have rented an apartment for her as she is a minor, so she can have a home of her own because she is 9 mos. pregnant. The neighbors smoke like freight trains which fills her apartment with stinking second hand smoke. NO ONE CARES. We are tied to a lease and the landlord won't or can't do anything. We would love to move either out totally of the complex or to just to another smoke free environment within the complex. Are there any laws which would back us? We live in Kilgore, Texas.

Susan E. Grubb writes: I have been smoke free for 24 days. I am using Nicorette. When I am tempted to have just one, I remind myself that I want to see how many days I can go. I am also involving my 8-year-old daughter who has learned how bad smoking is in school. She really wants me to quit, so each day she reminds me how many days I have gone.

Brent Mannix writes: Calgary, AB Canada. Today, My first day without the drug "nicotine"! My most important help came from my beautiful daughter of 6 yrs old. She said to me Dad, stop smoking that thing, I love you! Iam close to 40yrs old but I know it can be done! I am using the patch, eating spits, deep breaths, rubber band on my wrist, walks,and drinking alot of water! If anyone has any more "gems" Please get back, WE can destroy this lifestealing disease together!!!! Thanks, God bless.

Bonnie Helton writes: I quit on 11/21/96 so this is day 3. I quit cold turkey as I have so many times in the past, but I am determined that this time I will quit forever. I have a daughter now and I don't want her to have to visit me in the hospital dying of lung cancer. My problem seems to be how tired I am. I fell asleep in my office the other day for 2 hours. I sure can't do that every day. I hope this doesn't last forever because I have to many things going on, I can't be sleeping all the time. I am looking for a web site, or information, that lists all the withdrawal symptoms and how long they last. Can anyone give me some advice? For anyone who is thinking of quitting, every day does get easier! writes: My teenage daughter has started smoking, what literature can I use to make her understand the dangers of smoking I would like to provide her with the reading material that will convince her not to proceed in this typical teenage peer pressure activity.

Susie writes: Yesterday (at my 11 day mark) my daughter stopped by and asked me, "How're you doing, mom? It doesn't seem to bother you too much." She doesn't know...thank God.

Dan Fry writes: Hi! I signed your guest book, but must admit, I have never smoked. However, my father, all of my brothers and sister smoke, and my mother died of cancer. My youngest son is allergic to smoke in many forms...the sooner we rid this vice from society, the better. I appreciate your efforts and only wanted to praise you for it. Keep up the good work.

Shane Spencer writes: I am 27 years old and have decided to quit smoking. First let me start with a brief history. I started smoking when I was 10 years old. I don't care what cigarette companies state, they do advertise to the children and do add enough nicotine to cigarettes to addict most people. Anyways, I have been smoking for about 17 years and now it is time to stop. I have a 3 year old son and a 9 month old son. My wife does not smoke. The other day, I walked in from work and sat down to relax for a bit. My 3 year old son came up to me and got my cigarettes and pulled one out and got my lighter and tried to light it--thank God for child proof lighters. That was it. I saw that my son was growing up the same as me--watching my parents smoke. This WILL not happen to my family. That night, I went out and bought the Nicotrol patch. I cleaned out my whole house and threw away every smoking item that is around. No more ashtrays, no lighters, nothing. I am now smokfree for 4 days and pray that many, many more come my way. Kind of hard, but all I do is remember what I saw when I came home from work that night. Well, time to go, I hope this will help someone else try to quit also.

Jim Tucker writes: My wife and I love to dance, but for the last 4 years we have not been able to go to any places to dance because of my allergies to smoke. Do you know of any places in or around the Houston, Texas area to go? Or do you know of somewhere on the web to search? Thanks for any and all help.

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