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Lyons on Horses Lyons on Horses : John Lyons' Proven Conditioned-Response Training Program

One reader writes: Your Horse Wants you to read and use this book. This book by one of the finest teachers and horse trainers of all times, is not one to miss. With study and practice this book can take you from a novice rider with an unschooled or unmanageable horse to a happy horse and a happier rider. This book is for anyone who wants to be a better horseman. If I could only have one book on horse training it would be this one. Another reader writes: The most humane horse training methods I have seen. Not only does John Lyons take you step by step through the creation of an obedient and willing partner, but he does it with out ever hurting or threatening to hurt the horse. By using John Lyons' methods your horse becomes willing and eager to do what you ask of him, not bullied into listening through fear of punishment.


Other books on horses . . .

A-Z of Horse Diseases and Health Problems : Signs, Diagnoses, Causes, Treatment; Tim Hawcroft; Hardcover

Advanced Training for the Dressage Horse : Medium to Grand Prix Level; Tricia Gardiner, Bob Langrish; Hardcover

The Affordable Horse : A Guide to Low-Cost Ownership; Sharon B. Smith; Paperback

Album of Horses; Marguerite Henry, Wesley Dennis; Paperback

America's Horses and Ponies.; Irene Brady; Paperback

The Anatomy of the Horse; George Stubbs; Paperback

The Arabian : A Guide for Owners; Sharon Byford, Kari Albiol; Hardcover

The Art of the Horse; John Fairley; Hardcover

The Athletic Development of the Dressage Horse : Manege Patterns; Charles De Kunffy; Hardcover

A Basic Guide to Horse Care and Management; Bruce Mills, Barbara Carne; Hardcover

Blessed Are the Brood Mares; M. Phyllis Lose; Hardcover

Blessed Are the Foals; M. Phyllis Lose; Hardcover

The Body Language of Horses : Revealing the Nature of Equine Needs, Wishes, and Emotions and How Horses Communicate Them--For Owners, Breeders, traine; Tom Ainslie, Bonnie Ledbetter; Hardcover

Breaking and Schooling : Training Your Horse from the Ground Up; Carolyn Henderson, Lynn Russell; Paperback

Breaking and Training the Driving Horse : A Detailed and Comprehensive Study (Wilshire Horse Lovers Library); Doris L Ganton, Doris Ganton; Paperback

Breaking and Training Your Horse; Sheila Roughton; Hardcover

A Breed Apart : The Horses and the Players; Mike Helm; Paperback

Carriage Driving : A Logical Approach Through Dressage Training; Heike Bean, et al; Hardcover

The Classic Arabian Horse; Judith Forbis; Hardcover

Complete Book of Horse Care; Tim Hawcroft; Hardcover

Complete Cavaletti : Basic to Advanced Training of Horse and Rider; Peter Lichtner-Hoyer, Jan Spauschus Johnson; Hardcover

The Complete Horse Care Manual; Colin Vogel; Hardcover

The Complete Horseshoeing Guide; Robert F. Wiseman; Paperback

Concise Guide to Colic in the Horse (Concise Guide Series); David W. Ramey; Paperback

Concise Guide to Medications and Supplements for the Horse (Concise Guide Series); David W. Ramey, David Ramey; Paperback

Concise Guide to Tendon and Ligament Injuries in the Horse (Howell Equestrian Library); David W. Ramey, David Ramey; Paperback

Considering the Horse : Tales of Problems Solved and Lessons Learned; Mark Rashid, Ron Ball; Paperback

Cutting; Leon Harrell; Paperback

Cutting : A Guide for the Non-Pro Competitor (The Howell Equestrian Library); Sally Harrison; Paperback

Cutting : Training the Horse and Rider (Equimedia's Masters Series); Bill Freeman, Gala Nettles; Hardcover

Emergency! : The Active Horseman's Book of Emergency Care; Karen E. N. Hayes; Hardcover

The Encyclopedia of the Horse; Elwyn Hartley Edwards; Hardcover

Equine Cardiology (Library of Veterinary Practice); Mark W. Patteson; Paperback

Equine Color Genetics; D. Phillip Sponenberg; Hardcover

Equine Drugs and Vaccines : A Guide for Owners and Trainers; Eleanor M. Kellon; Paperback

Equine Pathology; James R. Rooney, John L. Robertson; Hardcover

Equine Science, Health and Performance; Sarah Pilliner, Zoe Davies; Paperback

Feeding and Care of the Horse; Lon D. Lewis; Paperback

First Aid for Horses : The Essential Quick-Reference Guide; Tim Hawcroft; Paperback

A First Guide to Horse and Pony Care; Jane Kidd; Hardcover

Florida Horse Owner's Field Guide; Martha Marth, Marty Marth; Hardcover

Foal to Five Years; Ann Hyland; Paperback

Getting Horses Fit : Improve Your Horse's Performance; Sarah Pilliner; Paperback

Grooming to Win : How to Groom, Trim, Braid, and Prepare Your Horse for Show; Susan E. Harris; Hardcover

Healing Your Horse : Alternative Therapies; Meredith L. Snader, et al; Hardcover

Health Problems of the Horse; Robert Miller, et al; Paperback

Hold Your Horses! : A Feedbag Full of Fact and Fable; Milton Meltzer; Hardcover

The Horse; J. Warren Evans; Hardcover

Horse (Eyewitness Books); Juliet Clutton-Brock; Hardcover

Horse and Stable Management; Jeremy Houghton Brown, Vincent Powell-Smith; Paperback

Horse Care : A Practical Manual of Horsemastership; Jeremy Houghton Brown, et al; Paperback

Horse Nutrition and Feeding; Sarah Pilliner; Paperback

A Horse of Your Own : The Rider Owner's Complete Guide; M.A. Stoneridge; Hardcover

The Horseman's Bible; Jack Coggins; Paperback

Horseowner's Guide to Lameness; Ted S. Stashak, et al; Paperback

Horses : A Guide to Selection, Care, and Enjoyment; J. Warren Evans, J. Warren Evens; Hardcover

Horsewatching; Desmond Morris; Hardcover

The Horse Dictionary : English-Language Terms Used in Equine Care, Feeding, Training, Treatment, Racing and Show; Vivienne Eby; Hardcover

Horse for Sale : How to Buy a Horse or Sell the One You Have; Cherry Hill; Hardcover

Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement; Susan E. Harris; Hardcover

Horse in Blackfoot Indian Culture; John C. Ewers; Paperback

The Horse in Ireland; Brian Smith; Hardcover

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook; James M. Giffin, Tom Gore; Hardcover

Horse Sense : A Complete Guide to Horse Selection and Care; John J., Jr. Mettler, et al; Paperback

Horse Sense : How to Develop Your Horse's Intelligence; Henry Blake; Paperback

Horse Training Basics : An Indispensable Guide for Beginning Trainers; Deborah M. Britt, Deborah Britt; Hardcover

Horseback Adventures; Dan Aadland, Arthur Frommer; Paperback

Horsefeathers : Facts Versus Myths About Your Horse's Health; David W. Ramey; Hardcover

Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage : Facilities Design and Management; Cherry Hill, Richard Klimesh; Paperback

Horseman's Scrapbook; Randy Steffen; Paperback

Horses (Eyewitness Handbooks); Elwyn Hartley Edwards, Bob Langrish; Paperback

Horses (Eyewitness Handbooks); Elwyn Hartley Edwards, Bob Langrish; Hardcover

Horses : History, Behavior, Breeds, Riding, Jumping; Jackie Budd; Hardcover

Horses and Dogs (Photographers at Work); William Eggleston; Paperback

Horses and Horsemanship (Animal Agriculture Series); M. Eugene Ensminger; Hardcover

How to Be Your Own Veterinarian (Sometimes : A Do-It-Yourself Guide for the Horseman); Ruth B. James, Ruth James; Paperback

How to Use Leg Wraps, Bandages and Boots : Supportive Leg Care for Your Horse; Sue A. Allen; Paperback

The Illustrated Guide to Horse Tack; Susan McBane; Hardcover

Imprint Training : Of the Newborn Foal; Robert M. Miller; Paperback

Into the Wind : Wild Horses of North America; Jay F. Kirkpatrick, Michael H. Francis; Hardcover

Keeping Horses : The Working Owner's Guide to Saving Time and Money; Susan McBane; Paperback

International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds; Bonnie L. Hendricks; Hardcover

The Kingdom of the Horse; Elwyn Hartley Edwards; Hardcover

The Last of the Wild Horses; Martin Harbury, Ron Watts; Paperback

Legends : Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions & Mares; Diane Simmons; Paperback

Lexicon of Arabic Horse Terminology; Janet C. E. Watson; Hardcover

Life in the Saddle : Writings and Photographs (Wilderness Experience); Gretel Ehrlich, Vicki Austin-Smith; Paperback

The Literary Horse : Great Modern Stories About Horses; Lilly Golden; Hardcover

The Longest Shot : Lil E. Tee and the Kentucky Derby; John Eisenberg; Hardcover

Lyons on Horses : John Lyons' Proven Conditioned-Response Training Program; John Lyons, Sinclair Browning; Hardcover

Marguerite Henry's Album of Horses : A Pop-Up Book; Marguerite Henry, Ezra N. Tucker; Hardcover

Maximum Hoof Power : How to Improve Your Horse's Performance Through Proper Hoof Management; Cherry Hill, Richard Klimesh; Hardcover

Modern Pace Handicapping; Thomas Brohamer, Tom Brohamer; Hardcover

Monte Foreman's Horse-Training Science; Monte and Wyse, Patrick Foreman, Monte Foreman; Hardcover

Moseman's Illustrated Catalog of Horse Furnishing Goods; C.M. Moseman, et al; Paperback

Natural Horse : Lessons from the Wild for Domestic Horse Care; Jaime Jackson; Paperback

Natural Methods for Equine Health; Mary W. Bromiley, et al; Paperback

The New Book of the Horse; Sarah Haw; Paperback

No Feet, No Horse : How to Train a Horse to Stand for Trimming and Shoeing; Larry Fox; Paperback

The Original Book of Horse Treats : Recipes You Can Make at Home for Your Horse; Richard S. Johnson, June V. Evers; Hardcover

The Performance Mare : Maximizing What Your Mare Does Best; Sharon B. Smith; Hardcover

Personality of the Horse; B. Aymar, et al; Hardcover

Portraits of Kentucky Derby Winners : A 120-Year History; Beverley Bryant, et al; Hardcover

Practical Western Training; Dave Jones; Hardcover

Quarter Horses : A Story of Two Centuries; Robert Moorman Denhardt; Paperback

Reining : The Art of Performance in Horses; Bob Loomis, et al; Hardcover

Roofs and Rails : How to Plan and Build Your Ideal Horse Facility/a Western Horseman Book; Gavin Ehringer, Gary Vorhes; Paperback

Safe Horse, Safe Rider : A Young Rider's Guide to Responsible Horsekeeping; Jessie Haas; Paperback

Schooling for Young Riders : A Handbook for the Horsemen of Tomorrow; John Richard Young; Hardcover

The Schooling of the Horse; John Richard Young; Hardcover

Secretariat : The Making of a Champion; William. Nack; Paperback

Simon and Schuster's Guide to Horses and Ponies of the World; Maurizio Bongianni; Paperback

The Stallion : A Breeding Guide for Owners and Handlers; James P. McCall; Hardcover

Starting the Colt : First Lessons in Riding and Driving; Mary Twelveponies; Paperback

Tack and Clothing (Ward Lock Riding School); Susan McBane; Hardcover

There Are No Problem Horses : Only Problem Riders; Mary Twelveponies; Paperback

Training the Dressage Horse : Novice to Medium Level; Tricia Gardiner, Bob Langrish; Hardcover

Training the Three-Day-Event Horse and Rider; James C. Wofford, James C. Wooford; Hardcover

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Book of Horses : A Complete Medical Reference Guide for Horses and Foals; Mordecai Siegal, et al; Hardcover

The Ultimate Horse Book; Elwyn Hartley Edwards, Bob Langrish; Hardcover

The Usborne Book of Horses & Ponies (Usborne Kid Kits); Lucy Smith, et al; Calendar

Western Horse : Advice and Training; Dave Jones; Paperback

Western Horse Behavior and Training; Robert William Miller, Robert W. Miller; Paperback

Western Pleasure : Training and Showing to Win; Doug Carpenter, Carolyn S. Pryor; Hardcover

Western Training : Theory & Practice; Jack Brainard, et al; Paperback

The Whole Horse Catalog; Steven D. Price, et al; Paperback

Wild Horses : A Spirit Unbroken; Elwyn Hartley Edwards; Hardcover

Young Rider's Guide to Buying a Horse or Pony; Lesley Ward, Howell Books; Paperback

Your First Horse Book; Peter R. Winkelaar; Hardcover

Your Horse : A Step-By-Step Guide to Horse Ownership; Judy Chapple; Paperback

Your Pony, Your Horse : A Kid's Guide to Care and Enjoyment; Cherry Hill; Paperback

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