Smokefree Kids Fact Sheet

Youth smoking is as big a problem as it ever was. Parents and teachers are often at a loss as to how to deal with the fact that their children may already smoke or the chance that they may become hooked on cigarettes in the future. This page is therefore dedicated to providing as much information about the subject as is possible, and to answering potential questions on smoking among youth and children.

Every day 3,000 children become regular smokers as a result of nicotine addiction, and almost one-third of them prematurely lose their lives to a smoking-related disease. Tobacco use among children is a public health issue that every candidate for public office should address, as smoking smoking affects many things from your life expectancy to your ability to find affordable health insurance. The toll tobacco takes on our children has prompted many important children's advocacy and health organizations to join the community, state and national fight against this pediatric disease, by getting out public health information to parents and children, and by making community leaders aware of this threat to community health. Help us help America's children.

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