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100 Love Sonnets =: Cien Sonetos de Amor; Pablo Neruda; Paperback

101 Ways to Say I Love You; Vicki Lansky; Paperback

101 Ways to Tell Your Child I Love You; Vicki Lansky, Kaye Pomaranc White; Hardcover

16 Ways to Love Your Lover : Understanding the 16 Personality Types So You Can Create a Love That Lasts Forever; Otto Kroeger, Janet M. Thuesen; Hardcover

365 Romantic Gifts for Your Love : A Daily Guide to Creative Giving; Tomima Edmark; Hardcover

Addiction to Love : Overcoming Obsession and Dependency in Relationships; Susan Peabody; Paperback

Anne Hooper's Pocket Kama Sutra : A New Guide to the Ancient Arts of Love; Anne Hooper; Paperback

Aquarius : Parker's Love Signs; Julia Parker, Derek Parker; Hardcover

The Arc of Love : An Anthology of Lesbian Love Poems; Clare Coss; Hardcover

Art and Love : An Illustrated Anthology of Love Poetry Vol 1; Kate Farrell; Hardcover

The Art of Courtly Love (Records of Civilization); Andreas Capellanus, John Jay Parry; Paperback

Astrology for Lovers; Liz Greene; Paperback

The Awakened Heart : Opening Yourself to the Love You Need; Gerald G. May; Paperback

Bartlett's Book of Love Quotations Vol 1; Barbara Ann Kipfer, Bartlett; Hardcover

Best Love Songs Ever; Hal Leonard Publishing; Paperback

Black Pearls Book of Love : Romantic Meditations and Inspirations for African Americans; Eric V. Copage; Paperback

The Bond With the Beloved : The Mystical Relationship of the Lover and the Beloved; Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Llewllyn Vaughan-Lee; Paperback

A Book of Love Poetry; Jon Stallworthy; Hardcover

The Book of Love Symbols (Prospero's Library); Peter Bently, Peter Bentley; Hardcover

Born for Love : Reflections on Loving; Leo Buscaglia; Hardcover

Broadway Love Songs : Piano, Vocal, Guitar; Hal Leonard Publishing Company; Paperback

Cancer : Parkers Love Signs; Julia Parker, Derek Parker; Hardcover

Capricorn : December 22-January 20 (Love Signs); Julia Parker, Derek Parker; Hardcover

Caring : How Can We Love One Another?; Morton T. Kelsey, Morton Kelsey; Paperback

Chaucer's Ovidian Arts of Love; Michael A. Calabrese; Hardcover

Cherished Love; Evelyn Kennedy; Paperback

Collection of Love Gifts; Helen S. Rice, Helen Steiner Rice; Hardcover

Coming Together--Coming Apart : The Union of Opposites in Love Relationships; John Desteian, John A. Desteian; Paperback

The Complete Guide to Everything Romantic : A Book for Lovers; Michael Newman; Hardcover

The Couple's Companion : Meditations and Exercises for Getting the Love You Want; Harville Hendrix, et al; Paperback

A Course in Love : Powerful Teachings on Love, Sex, and Personal Fulfillment; Joan M. Gattuso, Joan Gattuso; Audio Cassette

Creating Love : The Next Great Stage of Growth/Audio Cassettes; John Bradshaw; Audio Cassette

Creating Love/ the Next Great Stage of Growth; John Bradshaw; Paperback

The Desiderata of Love : A Collection of Poems for the Beloved; Max Ehrmann; Hardcover

The Double Flame : Love and Eroticism; Octavio Paz; Hardcover

Eros and Pathos : Shades of Love and Suffering (Studies in Jungian Psychology.); Aldo Carotenuto, Aldo Carolenuto; Paperback

The Faber Book of Love Poems; Geoffrey Grigson; Paperback

Finding Love : Embracing the Essence of Life; Paula Peisner Coxe; Paperback

Finding the Love of Your Life : Ten Principles for Choosing the Right Marriage Partner; Neil Clark Warren; Paperback

Finding True Love : The Four Essential Keys to Discovering the Love of Your Life; Daphne Rose Kingma; Hardcover

The Five Love Languages : How to Express Heart Felt Commitment to Your Mate; Gary Chapman; Paperback

For You, With Love : Garfisms of Affection; Jim Kraft, et al; Hardcover

Friendship Love and Laughter : Inspirational Quotes to Live by; Bob Phillips; Paperback

A Garland of Love : Daily Reflections on the Magic and Meaning of Love; Daphne Rose Kingma; Paperback

Gay Love Signs : The New Astrology Guide for Men Who Love Men; Michael Jay; Paperback

Gemini : Parker's Love Signs; Julia Parker, Derek Parker; Hardcover

Getting Love Right : Learning the Choices of Healthy Intimacy (A Fireside/Parkside Recovery Book); Terence T. Gorski; Paperback

Handbook of Lingerie : A Man's Guide to Choosing Lingerie for the Woman in His Life; Andrew Wilson; Paperback

Haruko/Love Poems; June Jordan; Paperback

Heart over Heels : 50 Ways Not to Leave Your Lover; Bob Mandel; Paperback

Heart to Heart : A Book of Love; Kevin Osborn, Andrews and McMeel; Hardcover

The Heart's Song : Reflections on Love (Quote a Page); Ariel Books; Paperback

Hebrew Love Poems; David C. Gross, Shraga Weil; Paperback

Honey, I Love, and Other Love Poems; Eloise Greenfield, et al; Hardcover

How to Be Your Husband's Best Friend : 365 Ways to Express Your Love; Cay Bolin, et al; Paperback

How to Get Your Lover Back; Blase Harris; Paperback

How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You; Leil Lowndes; Hardcover

How to Really Love Your Wife : Love-In-Action Ideas for Everyday; H. Norman Wright; Paperback

How to Start a Romantic Encounter : Where to Go Find Love and What to Say When You Find It; Larry Glanz, Phillips Robert H.; Paperback

How to Write Love Letters; Michelle Lovric; Hardcover

I Am Wings. : Poems About Love; Ralph J. Fletcher, Ralph Fletcher; School & Library Binding

I Keep Falling in Love With You; Susan Schutz, Susan Polis Schutz; Paperback

I Love You Because...; Joseph Cohen, Debra Solomon; Paperback

I Love You, I Hate You; Carlos G. Valles; Hardcover

I Want Our Love to Last Forever : ...and I Know It Can If We Both Want It to : A Collection of Poems from Blue Mountain Arts; Blue Mountain Arts; Paperback

I'll Never Forget the Love That I Shared With You : A Collection of Poems; Robin Andrews, Collin McCarty; Paperback

If He Loves Me, Why Doesn't He Tell Me?; Hal Larson; Paperback

In Your Eyes : Quotations on Gay Love Vol 1; Richard Derus; Hardcover

The Ink Dark Moon : Love Poems by Ono No Komachi and Izumi Shikibu; Jane Hirshfield, Mariko Arantani; Paperback

Inspirations About Love; Barbara, Ph.D. De Angelis, Barbara De Angelis; Paperback

Irish Love Poems : Danta Gra; Paula J. Redes, Paula Redes; Paperback

Isn't That Romantic : 260 Imaginative Ways to Express Your Love; Joseph Lipari, Leonard Jobin; Paperback

Journey into Love : Road Signs Along the Way; Wallace B. Clift, Wallace Clift; Hardcover

Journey of the Heart : The Path of Conscious Love; John Welwood; Paperback

Keeping the Love You Find : A Guide for Singles; Harville Hendrix; Paperback

The Key to Everything : Classic Lesbian Love Poems; Gerry Gomez Pearlberg; Hardcover

Leo : July 23-August 23 (Love Signs); Julia Parker, Derek Parker; Hardcover

Let's Always... : Promises to Make Love Last; Susan Newman; Paperback

Libra : Parker's Love Signs; Julia Parker, Derek Parker; Hardcover

A Lifelong Love Affair : Keeping Sexual Desire Alive in Your Relationship; Joseph Nowinski; Paperback

Linda Goodman's Love Signs : A New Approach to the Human Heart; Linda Goodman; Paperback

A Little Book for Lovers; Dana Goodwin; Hardcover

Little Lessons of Love; Elizabeth Heller; Paperback

Little Ways to Say I Love You; Marjabelle Young Stewart; Paperback

Living Happily Ever After : Couples Talk About Lasting Love; Laurie Wagner, et al; Paperback

The Long Experience of Love; Jim Moore; Paperback

Love; Stendhal; Paperback

Love : A Book of Poetry; Armand Eisen, Ariel Books; Hardcover

Love : A Keepsake Book from the Heart of the Home Vol 1; Susan Branch; Hardcover

Love : Emotion, Myth, and Metaphor; Robert C. Solomon; Paperback

Love a Celebration in Art and Literature; Jane Lahr; Hardcover

Love Against Hate; Karl Augustus Menninger, Karl Menninger; Paperback

Love Analyzed; Roger E. Lamb, Roger Lamb; Paperback

Love Book for Couples : Building a Healthy Relationship; E. Michael Lillibridge, E. Michael Lillibridge Ph. D.; Paperback

Love Changes Everything (Heartbeats); Kalu Okpi; Paperback

Love Comes Softly (Love Comes Softly, Book 1); Janette Oke; Paperback

Love in the Western World; Denis De Rougemont, Denis De Rougement; Paperback

Love Is Letting Go of Fear; Gerald G., Jampolsky; Paperback

Love Isn't Always Easy; Susan P. Schutz, Susan Polis Schutz; Hardcover

Love Letters (Everyman's Library Pocket Poets); Peter Washington; Hardcover

Love Life for Every Married Couple; Ed. Wheat; Paperback

Love Lives : Using Astrology to Build the Perfect Relationship With Any Star Sign; Carole Golder; Paperback

Love Planets; M.J. Abadie, Claudia Bader; Paperback

Love Poems; Anne Sexton; Paperback

Love Poems (Everyman's Library Pocket Poets); Sheila Kohler; Hardcover

Love Poems and Sonnets of William Shakespeare; William Shakespeare; Hardcover

Love Poems by Women/an Anthology of Poetry from Around the World and Through the Ages; Wendy Mulford, et al; Paperback

Love Poems for Cards and Letters; Ara John Movsesian; Paperback

The Love Poems of John Donne Vol 1; Charles Fowkes; Hardcover

The Love Poems of John Keats : In Praise of Beauty; John Keats; Hardcover

The Love Poems of Lord Byron : A Romantic's Passion; George Gordon Byron, Baron Byron, George Gordon; Hardcover

The Love Poems of May Swenson; May Swenson; Paperback

Love Relations : Normality and Pathology; Otto F., M.D. Kernberg, Otto F. Kernberg; Hardcover

Love Relationships : A Moving Sea; Charles Thomas Cayce, Leslie Goodman Cayce; Paperback

Love Signs Aries : Love Signs Aries; Julia Parker, Derek Parker; Hardcover

Love Signs Taurus : Love Signs Taurus; Julia Parker, Derek Parker; Hardcover

Love Tactics; Thomas W. McKnight, Phillips; Paperback

Love : A Keepsake Book from the Heart of the Home Vol 1; Susan Branch; Hardcover

Love After Love : Stages of Loving; Paula P. Hardin; Paperback

Love Is an Awesome Thing; Dick Oxley, Richard Oxley; Paperback

Love Letters : An Anthology of Passion; Michelle Lovric; Hardcover

Love Stories of Old California; Cora Miranda Baggerly Older; Paperback

Love's Witness : Five Centuries of Love Poetry by Women; Jill Hollis; Paperback

The Lovers' Tarot : For Affairs of the Heart/Book and Cards; Jane Lyle; Hardcover

Making Love Last Forever; Gary Smalley; Hardcover

Meditations on Love; Wendy Beckett; Hardcover

Moon Signs for Lovers : An Astrological Guide to Perfect Relationships; Carole Golder; Paperback

Mottetti : Poems of Love; Eugenio Montale, Dana Gioia; Hardcover

The Name of Love : Classic Gay Love Poems; Michael Lassell; Hardcover

Odyssey of the Heart : The Search of Closeness, Intimacy, and Love; John H. Harvey; Paperback

On Love; Alain De Botton; Paperback

Oxford Book of English Love Stories; John Sutherland; Hardcover

Paper-Whites for Lady Jane : Poems of a Midlife Love Affair (Poetry in Sight and Sound); Louis Daniel Brodsky; Hardcover

The Path to Love : Creating a Passionate Life; Deepak Chopra; Hardcover

Pearls of Love : How to Write Love Letters and Love Poems; Ara John Movsesian; Paperback

The Personal Companion : Meditations and Exercises for Keeping the Love You Find; Harville Hendrix, Helen Hunt; Paperback

The Philosophy of Erotic Love; Robert C. Solomon, Kathleen Higgins; Paperback

Pisces : Parker's Love Signs; Julia Parker, Derek Parker; Hardcover

Poems of Love; Margaret Browning; Hardcover

Poems of Love : A Treasury of Verse (Running Press Miniature Editions); Zita Asbaghi, Running Press; Hardcover

Poems of Love and Marriage; John Ciardi; Hardcover

A Poet to His Beloved : The Early Love Poems of W.B. Yeats; W.B. Yeats, et al; Hardcover

Postcards for People in Love; Claire Cloninger; Hardcover

The Power of Unconditional Love : 21 Guidelines for Beginning, Improving, and Changing Your Most Meaningful Relationships; Ken Keyes; Paperback

The Principles of Seduction : How to Get Another Person to Fall in Love With You; G. Clayton Viddler; Hardcover

The Psychologist's Book of Self-Tests : 25 Love, Sex, Intelligence, Career, and Personality Tests Developed by Professionals to Reveal the Real You; Louis H. Janda, Louis Janda; Paperback

Psychology of Love; Robert J. Sternberg, Michael L. Barnes; Paperback

Putting Love to Work in Marriage; Charles P. De Santo, et al; Paperback

Quest for Love : True Stories of Passion and Purity; Elisabeth Elliot; Paperback

The Rat (Chinese Horoscopes for Lovers); Lori Reid, Paul Collicutt; Hardcover

Real Moments for Lovers/Cassettes; Barbara De Angelis, Barbara De Angleis; Audio Cassette

Receiving Love; Joseph Biuso, et al; Hardcover

The Relentless Hunger : The Heart's Search for Love; James E. Sullivan; Paperback

Rising in Love : Opening Your Heart in All Your Relationships; Alan Cohen; Paperback

Robin Norwood's Women Who Love Too Much; Robin Norwood; Audio Cassette

A Rock Against the Wind : African-American Poems and Letters of Love and Passion; Lindsay Patterson; Paperback

Romancing the Net : A 'Tell-All' Guide to Love Online; Richard Booth, Marshall Jung; Paperback

Sagittarius : November 23-December 21 (Love Signs); Julia Parker, Derek Parker; Hardcover

The Science of Love : Understanding Love & Its Effects on Mind & Body; Anthony Walsh; Paperback

Scorpio : Parker's Love Signs; Julia Parker, Derek Parker; Hardcover

Seduction by the Stars : An Astrological Guide to Love, Lust, and Intimate Relationships; Ren Lexander, Geraldine Rose; Paperback

The Seductive Art of Astrology : Meet Your Dream Lover Through the Stars; Carole Golder; Paperback

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous; Augustine Fellowship Staff; Paperback

Sex and Love Quotations : A Worldwide Dictionary of Pronouncements About Gender and Sexuality Throughout the Ages; Michael C. Thomsett, Jean Freestone Thomsett; Library Binding

Sex, Dating and Love : The Questions Most Often Asked; Ray E. Short; Paperback

Sex, Love, and Violence : Strategies for Transformation; Cloe Madanes; Hardcover

Sex, Love, or Infatuation : How Can I Really Know?; Ray E. Short; Paperback

Shakespeare for Lovers/All of His Romantic Poems; William Shakespeare, Eric Gill; Hardcover

Shakespeare on Love : Quotations from the Plays and Poems; William Shakespeare, George Weinberg; Hardcover

Simple Spells for Love : Ancient Practices for Emotional Fulfillment; Barrie Dolnick; Hardcover

Societies of Brains : A Study in the Neuroscience of Love and Hate : The Spinoza Lectures : Amsterdam, Netherlands (The International Neural Networks); Walter J. Freeman; Paperback

Songs of a Friend : Love Lyrics of Medieval Portugal : Selections from Cantigas De Amigo; Barbara Hughes Fowler; Paperback

Sonnets from the Portuguese : Illuminated by the Brownings' Love Letters; Elizabeth Barrett Browning, et al; Hardcover

Soul Mates : Honoring the Mysteries of Love and Relationship; Thomas Moore; Paperback

Soul Mates : Honoring the Mysteries of Love and Relationship/Cassettes; Thomas Moore; Audio Cassette

Suzanne White's Guide to Love : A Unique Blend of Zodiac-Based and Chinese Astrology That Shows You How to Find Your Perfect Mate; Suzanne White; Paperback

Teaching Children to Love : 80 Games & Fun Activities for Raising Balanced Children in Unbalanced Times; Doc Lew Childre, et al; Paperback

To the Woman I Love, Thank You for Being Mine; Scott Matthews, Tamara Nikuradse; Paperback

Treasury of Arabic Love : Poems, Quotations & Proverbs in Arabic and English; Farid Bitar, Ghazi A. Algosaibi; Hardcover

Treasury of French Love : Poems, Quotations & Proverbs : In French and English (Treasury of Love); Richard A. Branyon; Hardcover

Treasury of German Love : Poems, Quotations & Proverbs : In German and English (Treasury of Love); Almut Hille, Marlen Wolfram; Hardcover

Treasury of Hungarian Love : Poems, Quotations & Proverbs; Katherine Gyekenyesi Gatto; Hardcover

A Treasury of Italian Love : Poems, Quotations & Proverbs/in Italian and English; Richard A. Branyon, Richard Branyon; Hardcover

Treasury of Polish Love : Poems, Quotations & Proverbs : In Polish and English (Treasury of Love); Miroslaw Lipinski; Hardcover

Treasury of Spanish Love : Poems, Quotations and Proverbs : In Spanish and English; Juan Serrano, Susan Serrano; Hardcover

The Two Sides of Love/What Strengthens Affection, Closeness and Lasting Commitment; Gary Smalley, John, Phd Trent; Paperback

Virgo : August 24-September 22 (Love Signs); Julia Parker, Derek Parker; Hardcover

We : Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love; Robert Johnson, Robert A. Johnson; Paperback

Wedding Readings : Centuries of Writing and Rituals on Love and Marriage; Eleanor C. Munro, Eleanor Munro; Paperback

When Love Dies : The Process of Marital Disaffection (Perspectives on Marriage and the Family); Karen Kayser; Hardcover

When Men Believe in Love : A Book for Men Who Love Women & the Women They Love; Susan Edwards; Hardcover

When Romeo Wrote Juliet : Your Inspirational Guide to the Art of Writing Love Letters; Brian Holtcamp, et al; Hardcover

The Wild Good : Lesbian Photographs and Writings on Love; Beatrix Gates; Paperback

Women, Sex, and Addiction : A Search for Love and Power; Charlotte Davis Kasl; Paperback

The World Treasury of Love Stories; Lucy Rosenthal, Clifton Fadiman; Hardcover

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