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Clinical Forensic Medicine (Greenwich Medical Media)
W. D. S. McLay (Editor) / Paperback / 1996

Clinical Forensic Medicine
W.D.S. McLay (Editor) / Paperback / 1991

Dying & Death in Law & Medicine : A Forensic Primer for Health and Legal Professionals
Arthur S. Berger / Hardcover / 1993

Forensic Medicine : A Guide to Principles
I. Gordon, et al / Hardcover / 1988

Forensic Medicine : A Handbook for Professionals
Alan A. Watson / Hardcover / 1989

Forensic Medicine : An Illustrated Reference
J.K. Mason / Hardcover / 1993

Forensic Medicine for Lawyers
J. K. Mason / Paperback / 1986

Forensic Medicine
P.V. Guharaj / Paperback / 1982

Forensic Pharmacology : Medicines, Mayhem, and Malpractice (Oxford Medical Publications)
R. E. Ferner, Elizabeth Norman / Hardcover / 1996

Human Skeleton in Forensic Medicine
Wilton Krogman, M. Yasar Iscan / Hardcover / 1986

Lecture Notes on Forensic Medicine
D.J. Gee / Paperback / 1992

Principles of Forensic Medicine (Greenwich Medical Media)
Stephen P. Robinson, et al / Paperback / 1996

Simpson's Forensic Medicine
Bernard Knight / Paperback / 1996

Washing Away of Wrongs : Forensic Medicine in Thirteenth-Century China
TzU, Sung / Paperback / 1981

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