Samuel Barber

In a special arrangement with Amazon.Com, the largest and most successful bookstore on the World Wide Web, we are now offering selected books about and music by Samuel Barber. To learn more, just click onto any of the links below. Click the button at the bottom of this page to hear a midi file of this composer's work.

BOOK Samuel Barber : The Composer and His Music by Barbara B. Heyman

CD American Classics - Barber: Solo Piano Music/ Pollack

CD Barber's Adagio

CD Barber: Adagio, Symphony no 1, etc/ Zinman, Baltimore SO

CD Barber: Complete Works for Solo Piano/ Eric Parkin

CD Barber: Symphony no 1, Piano Concerto/ Browning, Slatkin

CD Barber: Vanessa/ Mitropoulos, Steber, Gedda, Elias, Tozzi

CD Barber: The Lovers, Prayers of Kierkegaard/ Schenk

CD Barber: Violin & Piano Concertos/ Levi, McDuffie, Parker

CD Barber: Violin Concerto, Cello Concerto, etc/ Slatkin

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Samuel Barber

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