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Do you take love and romance seriously? Are love and romance more than just words for you? Do love and romance come first in your life? Do you get enough love? Do you give enough romance?

Incurable Romantix is an interactive Windows program designed to enhance your romantic life. Be more loving, more romantic, find love and keep love. These web sites explain Incurable Romantix in detail:

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Below is the Incurable Romantix Main Screen, showing the program's features:

Use the "Love Life Patterns" section to get to understand your romantic history, what you may be doing wrong, and the direction you're heading in. The unique Compatability Analysis screen lets you really see if someone is right for you. If you're a single person, Incurable Romantix lets you analyze how effective you are in all areas, including your social life. You can even use Incurable Romantix to deal with loneliness. Other interesting sections include Losing a Love, Finding a Love, and Expressing Love.

There is even a group of Incurable Romantix sections that are just plain fun, like the unique "Love Letter Writer" -- with five "passion levels," the Love Poetry Generator, and the world's only Official Sweetheart Application Form.

Incurable Romantix is easy to use, with on-screen help, and a lot of stimulating color. Works for both Windows and Windows 95. For people who are serious about love and romance. From Elliot Essman. $19.95.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Incurable Romantix

Q.--- How much does Incurable Romantix cost?

A.--- Incurable Romantix is $20.00 US, plus shipping.

Q.--- Is Incurable Romantix a disk or a CD?

A.--- Incurable Romantix fits on one disk and installs to about 2MB.

Q.--- Is Incurable Romantix available in a Mac version?

A.--- No. There is no Mac version, nor are there any plans for creating one.

Q.--- How is Incurable Romantix shipped? How long will it take for me to get my copy? How do I order Incurable Romantix?

A.--- Incurable Romantix is sent out from our location in New York as soon as we receive the order. The usual delivery method is by first class mail, with all orders outside the United States sent by air mail. We can also deliver Incurable Romantix by email, for instant electronic delivery anywhere in the world, providing you have the ability to receive files by email attachment (such as "zip" files). You can pay for Incurable Romantix using a Visa or MasterCard account (but NOT American Express or Discover) or a check or money order. We accept orders electronically, by fax, by regular mail and over the telephone. You'll find a link to our Secured Electronic Order Form at the bottom of this page.

Q.--- Does Incurable Romantix give me answers for my love problems?

A.--- Incurable Romantix can guide you in the right direction, but ultimately only you can decide which way to go in matters of the heart.

Q.--- How can Incurable Romantix help me lead a more satisfying life if I am single?

A.--- Incurable Romantix provides a full systematized rating system for getting the most out of being single.

Q.--- How does the compatibility analysis section work.?

A.--- We suggest 30 life-interest and lifestyle categories, although you can change any category to suit what is important for you. You then rate your prospective partner on each of the categories. The Incurable Romantix program then calculates a probability score for you and tells you which categories seem to give the best matches to your needs.

Q.--- How do I use Incurable Romantix to uncover potentially damaging patterns in my love life?

A.--- The Incurable Romantix "Patterns" section gives you the ability to choose 12 subject areas that describe areas of relationships that are important to you. You can choose all twelve yourself or pick those we suggest. You then score each past relationship on each subject area. When you are finished, the program calculates an average for all your past relationships. You can then see at a glance if certain areas are out of alignment with others -- at one extreme of the spectrum. For example, if ten of the twelve categories fall in the middle of the graph, but "your partner's self esteem" gets a "one" while "seductive" gets a "nine," then you'll know you have a repeating problem of getting involved with seductive people with low self esteem. If all twelve results fall in the middle, then maybe you don't have a repeating pattern. It always pays to know, however.

Q.--- The automatic love letter writing section has five "passion" levels. Does this mean sexually oriented material?

A.--- No. No matter how "passionate" the letter gets, it's still romance, not sex.

Q.--- Once the program generates the automatic love letter, can I change it or add to it?

A.--- You can add to or change the love letter to your heart's content, or generate another if you don't like it. You can print it out directly from Incurable Romantix, or export it to your word processor for further work before you sent it to your beloved.

Q.--- Just what is the Official Sweetheart Application Form?

A.--- As the name implies, the Official Sweetheart Application Form is an official-looking form (complete with a space for a notary's seal) that you can use as a touching and yet humorous device to tell someone you really like them. You print it out from the Incurable Romantix menu, then fill it out just as you would any other application. There are spaces in which you declare your intentions, indicate how you intend to show your affection, and even a space for character references. At all points, you are encouraged to "use mushy, romantic language to increase the chance of having the application accepted by the recipient." The "OSAF" section alone is worth the full price of Incurable Romantix, as far as we're concerned.

Q.--- What if I am not satisfied with Incurable Romantix? Can I return it and get my money back?

A.--- All products are sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can return Incurable Romantix at any time and receive a full refund, including shipping charges.

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