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With its bright colorful menus and unique animations, Incurable Romantix is easy for anyone to use. Requires Windows (works with Windows 3.x or Windows 95) . $19.95

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The Incurable Romantix Love Pattern Screens

The Love Patterns areas is divided into three separate screens:

  1. The HISTORY AND PATTERNS screen is designed to give you a visual guide to the patterns you may be following in your relationships.

    The first step is deciding what categories are important to you. When you choose the "Love Life" button you'll be taken to the "Pattern Analysis Categories" screen. Here you will choose 12 categories that you will use for your analysis. You can decide on these categories in two ways: by clicking onto some of the 24 categories that have already been suggested, or by adding your own categories in one or more of the 12 empty category boxes at the right of the screen.

    When you add your own categories, you can analyze almost any aspect of your love life. You can be dead serious or totally silly -- it's up to you.

    You will use the "Relationship Analysis Sheet" to grade each of your relationships on the 12 categories you chose on the "Pattern Analysis Categories" sheet. Once you are satisfied with the "grades" you have given a particular relationship for all 12 subjects, click the "Next" button to move on to the next relationship analysis. If you have no more relationships to analyze, click the "Summary" button to move to the summary screen and see what patterns it may show.

  2. YOUR BASIC NEEDS allows you to uncover what you really want to get out of a relationship. You will analyze up to six different areas of relationships: "Short-Term," "Long-Term," "Love," "Sex," "Romance" and "Marriage." Within each of these six areas you will grade your needs from 0 to 9 in each of 10 categories. The program suggests categories for you, but you can always change as many of them as you want. Once you have decided on your categories for any particular area, you will give grades to how important the category was to you in the past as well as how important it is to you now. When you calculate, you receive a colorful visual graph clearly showing your priorities.

  3. WHAT YOU OFFER allows you to get a grip on what you are prepared to contribute to a relationship. The screen suggests 10 categories, but you can change any or all of them to better suit your own needs.

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The Incurable Romantix Single Life Screens

The Single Life section has three separate screens: (1) Your Social Life; (2) Loneliness; (3) Family and Society

Your Social Life asks you 48 key questions that let you rate your effectiveness in eight strategic social areas:

  1. General Networking

  2. Singles Activities

  3. How you Deal With Non-Single Friends

  4. Community Activities

  5. Being Invited Out

  6. Entertaining at Home

  7. Vacations and Weekends

  8. Socializing on the Job

Loneliness has analysis sections with the following themes:

  1. Your attitudes: Changing things inside you that may make you lonely

  2. Loneliness when you're out there trying to find a love

  3. The loneliness you feel after a relationship ends

  4. The loneliness you feel during hard and difficult times

  5. Recognizing the areas in which you're most vulnerable

  6. Doing things by yourself and for yourself without being lonely

  7. Your environment: Changing the outside things that may make you lonely

  8. Loneliness when you're not looking for a relationship

  9. Loneliness when you're actually in a relationship

  10. The strange loneliness from success or achivement

  11. Getting the most out of your strengths and capabilities

  12. Are you hurting yourself by being too independent?

Family and Society asks probing questions about your attitudes toward family, marriage, children, career and other topics that can impact romantic relationships.

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The Incurable Romantix Separations Screens

The three Separations screens deal with three different aspects of separations:

  1. Fighting Against Separation

  2. What to Do When You Want to Separate

  3. Surviving Separation

Here are a few sample topics from "Fighting Separation":

--------Unless something happens to make the relationship improve, who do you think will make the first move to end the relationship: you, the other person, or either of you?

--------Think carefully. What signs have you seen that make you think the relationship is in jeopardy? How long has it been since you realized there may be a problem?

--------Have the two of you been talking openly about the fact that the relationship is in danger, or are you brushing the issue aside? Does one want to talk while the other doesn't?

--------Do you have a strategy for getting you both to start or accelerate constructive talks that could help things?

--------Are there any people (step-children, friends, in-laws) who could or should possibly be included in the discussions?

--------Have you at least investigated counseling? Have either you of your partner suggested counseling?

--------Are there any outside issues (like a person's employment) that, if solved, could make the relationship improve? Do you yourself have control over any of these issues?

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The Incurable Romantix Keeping the Flame Alive Screens

Keeping The Flame Alive deals with the important topic of keeping a relationship or marriage going. Here are the sections:

  1. Working At It: Each of these sections asks a number of questions designed to get couples thinking about practical solutions to problems and conflict.

    • Why are you together?

    • Living with another person

    • The roles you both play

    • Challenge and change

    • Expressing your feelings

    • Conflicts about sex

    • Loyalty and privacy

    • Tastes, needs and lifestyles

    • Conflicts about money

    • Conflicts about children

  2. Playing At It: A visual rating system for how hard each of you tries to do all those sweet things for the other. You can put your own categories into the graph.

    • Gift Giving

    • Nice Surprises

    • Looking Good

    • Snuggling

    • Kind Words

    • Love Letters

  3. Action Steps: Ten major strategies for breaking through communications and intimacy barriers.

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      The Incurable Romantix Finding a Love Screens

      1. Your Personal Strategy: A comprehensive screen with eight detailed sub-sections dealing with:

        • Your attitudes toward compatibility (the ideal mate)

        • Commitment: what you want, what you offer

        • Dangers and pitfalls

        • Conflicts

        • Activating your social and dating life

        • Your emotional and psychological health

        • Attributes: beauty, money, temperament, integrity

        • Falling in love: how can you tell?

      2. Compatibility Check: A 30 category compatibility rating system (pictured in full on the Screenshots Page.) You can change any or all of the categories to suit your individual needs.

      3. Notes on Marriage: These incisive essays on marriage are taken from the book Building Yourself: Putting Your Success Together One Piece at a Time by Elliot Essman, creator of Incurable Romantix.

        • Experience is Costly

        • There Are No Rules

        • Find Someone Who Contributes

        • Don't Rush Into It

        • A Place for Children

        • People Change

        • A Note on Romance

        • Aren't Weddings Nice?

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      The Incurable Romantix Fun and Fantasy Screens

      The Automatic Love Letter Writer with its five "Passion Levels" is shown in full on the Incurable Romantix Screenshots Page. It's a lot of fun and can give you many romantic ideas. You can print out the love letter as it is, or move it to the Windows Clipboard so you can import it to your word processor and customize it for your sweetheart.

      The Automatic Love Poetry Generator works along the same lines. Each time you click the button on the screen, you get a new romantic poem which you can print out.

      The Official Incurable Romantix Sweetheart Application form is just that: you can officially apply to be someone's sweetheart. Just press "Print" and the form will come out ready for you to fill in (it's much more romantic to fill it out in longhand). On the form you will attest to your love, indicate how you will express that love, etc. There is even an official place for a notary seal!

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      The Incurable Romantix Romance Screens

      There are three separate screens in the Romance section:

      1. How do you express your feelings (to lovers, friends and family)

        • Things that make you hurt, angry and sad

        • Your need to accept love and be loved

        • Things in life, love and relationships that give you joy

        • Your sexual needs, problems and concerns

        • Your need to receive and show affection

        • Your image of yourself and your role in life

        • Your love and relationship problems and frustrations

        • Your need to give and express love

      2. Love Sex and Lust

      3. The Essence of Being Romantic, including . . .

        • Do you think you have a well balanced view of what being romantic is? Describe that view.

        • Have you ever been the recipient of a romantic gesture that you felt was inappropriate or misplaced?

        • What's the most romantic thing you can think of doing for another person? Do you think you could ever be in a situation where you would be that romantic?

        • Did you ever feel that the heavy level of romance was making it difficult to really get to know the other person?

        • Have you ever experienced the phenomenon of "falling in love with love?" What do you think are some of the dangers when this happens?

        • . . . and a whole lot more

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      The Incurable Romantix Help and Resources Screen

      Incurable Romantix has a complete Help and Resources Screen that covers all areas of the program in detail.

      Included in this area is a survey questionnaire for users and a short biography plus photograph of Elliot Essman, creator of Incurable Romantix.