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One of the Kuperman sisters writes: Hi, I just transferred from one school to another. I realized that there was a dramatic change in the amount of awareness my new school had for smoking (tobacco and other drugs). The awareness level was down considerably to the point that a school you would assume would have less drugs and smoking has about the same ammount. I talked to some of the staff at my school. They told me to find out what I thought could be done. So I'm asking you what is a good way, without being pushy to tell the student body about the harmful affects of smoking? I noticed there's a week in January but since that time is past what can be done in the present time.

Jebby Lacey writes: Recently, during a phone conversation with a friend at Truman State University (Kirksville, MO), I was surprised to learn of that institution's "50/50" dormitory smoking policy. As it was explained to me this policy states that if one student in a room on campus decides to smoke, he or she is allowed to do so in the room, subjecting his or her NON-smoking roomie to second-hand smoke. Although the smoker would obviously have other areas (lounges, stairwells, etc.) in which to "light up," his or her roomie is not presented with an equal number of alternative locations in which to sleep and store his or her belongings. This stuck me as being very unfair and I wondered if there wasn't a Missouri or national policy (Clean Air Act?) that would prevent such an arrangement.

Ryan Schrock writes: I have a small amount of grant money I want to use to promote a high school free of teenage smokers. I am looking for an approach that emphasizes the negative social aspects of smoking. Is there information available to support a campaign using the angle that smoking is not cool.

Cynthia Jasinski writes: I am a nurse practioner student in Arizona. I am implementing a tobacco awareness program in a local school district. I need a reliable tool to evaluate the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of adolescents, in regard to tobacco.

Mike Minogue writes: I am a Public Health Educator. One of my main responsibilites is going to schools to educate the students on the dangers of smoking....In this lecture I like to wear t-shirts with anti-smoking slogans/graphics to get my message across...I would like any information on where I can get t-shirts like this. Thank you. writes: I am a junior at Northgate High School in Pittsburgh PA. Does anyone have information on a PA school smoking law which limits smoking to (x) number of yards away from the school? (This includes teachers).

Don H. Lowrance writes: I am looking for information on NicCheck by DynaGen, Inc.; Is it commercially available yet? Is there a comparable product on the market? I need some testing materials for students in a private school to verify that they are not smoking.

Patrick Crosetto writes: I need information on what High Schools do to stop smoking on their school grounds.

Jeremy F. Black writes: I am extremely allergic to cigarette smoke. I have been serarching for the last year for a non-smoking collage that is not a school for religon. I need to find a college with a non smoking policy on campus (not just in the buildings) or one that restricts smoking to a small area on campus.

Virgil writes: Was wondering if you could help me find a link or someone who has previously set up a play directed towards grade school kids about smoking or lung cancer. A friend of mine works for a health department and was trying to put together somekind of a play to present to grade school children in their area and I thought I would check and see if I could get some advice on producing a play that would really do some good for the kids.

Jim Baglivi writes: I am a high school teacher desperately trying to launch an anti-smoking campaign. Students in the school where I have recently begun teaching are allowed to smoke right in front of the school on private land! I am amazed at the number of students who smoke as well as their attitude toward smoking. Please help me help them! I need facts, figures, charts, posters, hand-outs, etc. I have to design a bulletin board for the HS hallway for January. I would like it to be the start of my campaign - a New Year's Resolution to quit smoking. Can you send me any materials or direct me toward an organization who can? I really appreciate anything you can do me.

Barbara Svoboda writes: Just a note to tell you that Wheeling High School students through their Youth In Government Program actually wrote legislation which became law in Arlington Heights, Illinois forbidding the possession of tobacco by minors. There are significant consequences for violators. Since that legislation was passed in January, 1996 other communities like Wheeling, Illinois have followed suit. We are proud of this achievement by concerned young people who want to help their peers kick the habit.

Shawn Boogaard writes: I am a Clinic Health Educator from Appleton, Wisconsin. I serve on a community tobacco prevention committee as well as the local American Cancer Society. I am searching for any information or data on effective strategies that work in both communities and schools to prevent youth tobacco use. Is there anything out there that shows what works and what doesn't?

Marilyn writes: I am trying to obtain information for some Grand Rapids High School Students and Community College students about how to establish smoke-free sporting events (outside) and campuses and how to enforce the policy once established. Any information about successful implementations would be very much appreciated. Thanks alot!

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