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The Athletic Skier
by Warren Witherell and David Evrard

The author of How the Racers Ski teams up with master ski teacher/boot-fitter Evrard to produce a book that will define the goals of skiing for the next decade. Concise, yet broad in scope, it discusses everything from ski and boot design to racing techniques and the goings-on at the World Cup. Photos.

The best ski instruction I've had in 35 years of skiing! The Athletic Skier takes a very unusal approach to ski instruction. It begins with the assumption that you cannot ski well if your boots are not fitted so that they are flat on the snow. It is so elementary, but so ignored in the world of ski instruction. It is also very difficult to accomplish, but worth the effort. Once you take the time to follow the authors' advice, your skiing will improve dramatically. Then if you work on carving the turns as they suggest, you'll realize another leap forward, part of which occurs just because you are standing on the skis correctly.


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Cross-Country Ski Tours : Washington's South Cascades & Olympics; Tom Kirkendall, Vicky Spring; Paperback

Cross-Country Ski Tours, 1 : Washington's North Cascades; Vicky Spring, Tom Kirkendall; Paperback

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Cross-Country Skiing in New England : Recommended Ski Touring-Touring Facilities and Trails; Lyn Chamberlain, Tony Chamberlain; Paperback

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Don't Look Back : Olympic Skiing Competitor and Coach Shares His Story and Training Program; John Morton; Paperback

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Fifty Hikes in Central New York : Hikes and Backpacking Trips from the Western Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes; William Ehling, William P. Ehling; Paperback

Free-Heel Skiing : Telemark and Parallel Techniques for All Conditions; Paul Parker; Paperback

Freestyle Water Skiing (Action Sports Library); Bob Italia; Library Binding

From Tip to Tail : The Layman's Guide to Basic Alpine Ski Tuning; David J. Rader, John F. Boyd; Paperback

The Handbook of Skiing; Karl Gamma; Paperback

High Performance Skiing; John Yacenda; Paperback

Hotdogging and Snowboarding (Action Sports); Robert Guthrie; School & Library Binding

How the Racers Ski; Warren Witherell; Paperback

I Know Absolutely Nothing About Skiing : A New Skier's Guide to the Sport's History, Equipment, Apparel, Etiquette, Safety, and Language; Steve Eubanks, Robert J. Lamarche; Hardcover

Learn Downhill Skiing in a Weekend (Weekend Series); Konrad Bartelski; Hardcover

Let's Go Skiing : Beginner; Picabo Street; VHS Tape

Making Tracks : An Introduction to Cross-Country Skiing; David Wicks; Paperback

The New Guide to Skiing : Concise Edition; Martin Heckelman; Paperback

Nordic Skiing : Steps to Success (Steps to Success Activity Series); Laurie Gullion; Paperback

Northwest Ski Area Guide for Downhill and Cross Country Skiers, Snowboarders, and Snowplayers; Cookie Crosetto; Paperback

A Parent's Guide to Teaching Skiing; Paul McCallum, Christine McCallum; Paperback

Performance Skiing : Training and Techniques to Make You a Better Alpine Skier; George Thomas; Paperback

The Physics of Skiing : Skiing at the Triple Point; David Lind, et al; Paperback

Rocky Mountain Skiing; Claire Walter; Paperback

Skating on Skis; Dick Mansfield; Paperback

Ski Country Access : Western United States;Paperback

Ski Europe; Charles A. Leocha, et al; Paperback

Ski the Rockies; Marc Muench, Peter Shelton; Hardcover

Ski Vacations With Kids in the U.S. & Canada; Candyce H. Stapen, Candyce Stapen; Paperback

Skier's Guide to Colorado; Curtis W. Casewit, Curtis Casewit; Paperback

Skier's Guide to Utah (Series Guide); Michael Jensen, Michael Jenson; Paperback

Skiing (Know the Sport); John Shedden; Paperback

Skiing (Olympic Sports); Kate Haycock; Library Binding

Skiing (Pro-Am Sports); Hal Rogers; Library Binding

Skiing (Sports World); Donna Bailey; Library Binding

Skiing : A Skier's Dictionary; Henry Beard, Roy McKie; Paperback

Skiing Colorado's Backcountry : Northern Mountains, Trails and Tours; Brian Litz, Kurt Lankford; Paperback

Skiing on a Budget : Moneywise Tips and Deals on Lift Tickets, Lodging, Equipment and More; Claire Walter; Paperback

Skiing USA : The Insider's Guide (Fodor's Sports); Clive Hobson, Nancy Van Tallie; Paperback

Skiing With the Whole Body/Your Ticket to the Expert Slopes; Jack Heggie; Paperback

Sports Illustrated Skiing : Six Ways to Reach Your Skiing Potential (Sports Illustrated Winner's Circle Books); Tim Petrick; Paperback

Terrain Skiing : How to Master Tough Skiing Like the Experts; Seth Masia; Paperback

Teton Skiing : A History and Guide to the Teton Range, Wyoming; Thomas Turiano; Paperback

The Times Ski Guide; David G. Ross, et al; Paperback

Trail Atlas of Michigan; Dennis Hansen; Paperback

Warren Miller's Ski Fever!; Dick Needham; Paperback

Waxing and Care of Skis and Snowboards; Michael Brady, Leif Torgersen; Paperback

Wilderness Skiing and Winter Camping; Chris Townsend; Paperback

Women Ski; Claudia Carbone; Paperback

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