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Crest of the Tidal WaveAt the Crest of the Tidal Wave:
A Forecast for the Great Bear Market

Robert R. Jr. Prechter,
Robert R. Prechter


Other books on stocks and investments . . .

The 100 Best Stocks to Own in America (100 Best Stocks to Own in America, 4th Ed); Gene Walden; Hardcover

20 Ways You Lose Money on Your Way to the Stock Market; Scott S. Fraser; Hardcover

Al Frank's New Prudent Speculator : The Master of Value Investing Shows You How to Pick Winning Stocks; Al Frank; Hardcover

All About Stocks : From the Inside Out; Esme E. Faerber, Esme Faerber; Paperback

America's 100 Best Growth Stocks; Thomas R. Drey; Paperback

The American Stock Exchange : A Guide to Information Resources (Research and Information Guides in Business, Industry, and Economic Institutions, Vol); Carol Z. Womack, Alice C. Littlejohn; Hardcover

Analyzing Bar Charts for Profit : Technical Analysis As an Aid to Decision Making for the 1990s and Beyond; John Magee; Hardcover

The Arms Index Trin : An Introduction to the Volume Analysis of Stock and Bond Markets; Richard W. Arms; Hardcover

At the Crest of the Tidal Wave : A Forecast for the Great Bear Market; Robert R. Jr. Prechter, Robert R. Prechter; Hardcover

The Basics of Stocks (Making the Most of Your Money Series); Gerald Krefetz; Paperback

Beating the Street; Peter Lynch, John Rothchild; Paperback

Beating the Street/Cassettes; Peter Lynch; Audio Cassette

Big Profits from Small Stocks : How to Grow Your Investment Portfolio by Investing in Small Cap Companies Vol 1; Samuel Case; Hardcover

Blue Chips & Hot Tips : Identifying Emerging Growth Companies Most Likely to Succeed; W. Keith Schilit, et al; Hardcover

Bound for Growth : How to Pick Winning Stocks Using Industry Analysis; David Wanetick; Hardcover

The Broker's Edge : How to Sell Securities in Any Market; Steven R. Drozdeck, et al; Hardcover

Coming Back on Wall Street : Book II : A Stock Market Trilogy Vol 2; Horatio Alger; Paperback

Common Stock Newspaper Abbreviations and Trading Symbols; Howard R. Jarrell; Hardcover

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings by Philip A. Fisher (Wiley Investment Classics); Philip A. Fisher; Hardcover

Confessions of a Stockbroker : You, Too, Can Find Tommorrow's Blue Chips Before Wall Street Finds Them; Andrew A. Lanyi; Hardcover

The Craft of Investing; John Train; Hardcover

The Craft of Investing/Growth and Value Stocks, Emerging Markets, Market Timing, Mutual Funds, Alternative Investments, Retirement and Estate Plannin; John Train; Paperback

Creating Shareholder Value : The New Standard for Business Performance; Alfred Rappaport; Hardcover

Cyber Investing : Cracking Wall Street With Your Personal Computer/Book and 2 Disks; David L. Brown, Kassandra Bentley; Paperback

Cyberstocks : An Investor's Guide to Internet Companies; Alan Chai; Paperback

The Day Trader's Manual : Theory, Art, and Science of Profitable Short-Term Investing (Wiley Finance Editions); William F. Eng; Hardcover

Deciphering the Market : Principles of Chart Reading and Trading Stocks, Commodities, and Currencies; Jay Tadion; Hardcover

Dividends Don't Lie : Finding Value in Blue-Chip Stocks; Geraldine Weiss, Janet Lowe; Paperback

The Dow Jones Averages 1885-1995 (Serial); Phyllis S. Pierce; Hardcover

The Dow Jones Guide to the World Stock Market 1995-1996; Dow Jones, et al; Paperback

The Dow Jones Guide to the World Stock Market : 1996 (Annual); Dow Jones, et al; Paperback

Easy Riches; Tom Taylor; Paperback

Elliott Wave Explained : A Real-World Guide to Predicting & Profiting from Market Turns; Robert C. Beckman; Paperback

The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators; Robert W. Colby, Thomas A. Meyers; Hardcover

Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders (Wiley Trader's Advantage); Robert Fischer; Hardcover

Finding Winners Among Depressed and Low-Priced Stocks; Richard L. Evans; Paperback

Free Lunch on Wall Street : Perks, Freebies, and Giveaways for Investors; Charles B. Carlson; Paperback

Fundamental Analysis : A Back-To-The Basics Investment Guide to Selecting Quality Stocks; John C., Jr. Ritchie, John C. Ritchie; Hardcover

Getting Creamed on Wall Street; Horatio Alger; Paperback

Getting Started in Stocks; Alvin D. Hall; Paperback

Granville's Last Stand : Secrets of the Stock Market Revealed; Joseph E. Granville; Hardcover

Growth Stocks (The Basic Investor's Library); Jeffrey Little, Paul A. Samuelson; Library Binding

The Guide to Investing in Common Stocks : How to Build Your Wealth by Mastering the Basic Strategies (Money Smarts Series); David Logan Scott, David L. Scott; Paperback

The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities; Frank J. Fabozzi, T. Dessa Fabozzi; Hardcover

The Handbook of Technical Analysis : A Comprehensive Guide to Analytical Methods, Trading Systems and Technical Indicators; Darrel R. Jobman, Darrell R. Jobman; Hardcover

Herzfeld's Guide to Closed-End Funds; Thomas J. Herzfeld; Paperback

High-Return, Low-Risk Investment : Using Stock Selection and Market Timing; Thomas J. Herzfeld, Robert F. Drach; Hardcover

How I Made 2,000,000 in the Stock Market; Nicholas Darvas, Nicolas Darvas; Paperback

How the Stock Market Works; John M., Esq. Dalton, John M. Dalton; Paperback

How to Build a Fortune : Investing in Your Spare Time; Stephen Littauer; Paperback

How to Buy Stocks Vol 1; Louis Engel, Henry Hecht; Paperback

How to Buy Stocks the Smart Way; Stephen Littauer; Paperback

How to Buy Technology Stocks; Michael Gianturco; Paperback

How to Mak

How to Make Money in Stocks : A Winning System in Good Times or Bad; William J. O'Neil; Paperback

How to Make the Stock Market Make Money for You; Ted Warren; Hardcover

How to Prepare for the Stockbroker Exam : Series 7; Michael T. Curley, Joseph A. Walker; Paperback

How Wall Street Works : The Basics and Beyond (The Investor's Quick Reference); David Scott, David L. Scott; Paperback

The International Stock Exchange : Official Yearbook 1990-1991; Gavin Harrap Fryer; Hardcover

Invest for Success : How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Real Estate Partnerships, the Stock Market, and Diversification; E. Henry Schoenberger; Paperback

Investing by the Stars : Using Astrology in the Financial Markets; Henry Weingarten; Hardcover

Investing in Emerging Growth Stocks : Making Money With Tomorrow's Blue Chips; James W. III Broadfoot, James W. Broadfoot; Hardcover

Investment Clubs : A Team Approach to the Stock Market; Kathryn Shaw; Paperback

Investment Psychology Explained : Classic Strategies to Beat the Markets; Martin J. Pring; Hardcover

Investor Beware! : How to Protect Your Money from Wall Street's Dirty Tricks; John Lawrence Allen; Hardcover

Investor's Business Daily Guide to the Markets; Investor's Business Daily; Paperback

The Irwin Directory of Emerging Market Brokers; William J. Lerner; Hardcover

It's When You Sell That Counts : A Must-Have Book for Anyone Who Owns Stocks; Donald L. Cassidy; Paperback

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques : A Contemporary Guide to the Ancient Investment Techniques of the Far East; Steve Nison; Hardcover

Keys to Investing in Common Stocks (Barron's Business Keys); Barbara Apostolou, Nicholas G. Apostolou; Paperback

Keys to Investing in International Stocks (Barron's Business Keys); Janet Lowe, Janet C. Lowe; Paperback

Keys to Risks and Rewards of Penny Stocks (Barron's Business Keys); Robert L. Frick, Mary Lynne Vellenga; Paperback

Listed Stock Options : The Hands-On Study Guide for Investors & Traders; Carl F. Luft, Richard K. Sheiner; Paperback

The Little Book of Big Profits : How to Make Your Money Grow in Today's Stock Market; Bill Buchsbaum; Paperback

Making It in the Market : The Insider's Guide; William C. Crawford; Hardcover

Margin of Safety : Risk-Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor; Seth A. Klarman; Hardcover

Market Timing for the Nineties : The Five Key Signals for When to Buy, Hold, and Sell; Stephen Leeb, Roger S. Conrad; Paperback

Martin Zweig's Winning on Wall Street; Martin Zweig; Paperback

The Mathematics of Technical Analysis : Applying Statistics to Trading Stocks, Options and Futures; Clifford J. Sherry; Hardcover

Michael Sivy's Rules of Investing : How to Pick Stocks Like a Pro Vol 1; Michael Sivy; Hardcover

Midas Investing : How You Can Make at Least 20% in the Stock Market This Year and Every Year; Jonathan Steinberg, Shandler; Hardcover

Modelling Stock Market Volatility : Bridging the Gap to Continuous Time; Peter E. Rossi; Hardcover

Momentum, Direction, and Divergence (Wiley Trader's Advantage); William Blau; Hardcover

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees : And Other Examples of Financial Wisdom, Theories, Nostrums & Outright Lies; Breck Speed, Mark Dutton; Hardcover

The New Finance : The Case Against Efficient Markets (Contemporary Issues in Finance); Robert A. Haugen; Paperback

No-Load Stocks : How to Buy Your First Share and Every Share Directly from the Company With No Broker's Fee; Charles B. Carlson; Paperback

The On-Line Investor : How to Find the Best Stocks Using Your Computer; Ted Allrich; Hardcover

One Up on Wall Street : How to Use What You Already Know to Make Money in the Market; Peter Lynch, John Rothchild; Paperback

Options for the Stock Investor/Book and Disk : How Any Investor Can Use Options to Enhance and Protect Their Return; James B. Bittman; Hardcover

Options, Futures, and Other Derivative Securities; John Hull, John C. Hull; Hardcover

Outsmarting Wall Street : A Profit-Proven System for Picking Stocks, Mutual Funds & Timing the Market; Daniel Alan Seiver, Daniel A. Seiver; Hardcover

A Pocket Tour of Money on the Internet; Mark Fister; Paperback

Point and Figure Charting : Essential Applications for Forecasting and Tracking Market Prices (Wiley Finance Edition); Thomas J. Dorseyk, Thomas J. Dorsey; Hardcover

Prechter's Perspective; Robert R., Jr Prechter, Peter Kendall; Paperback

Profiting from Chaos : Using Chaos Theory for Market Timing, Stock Selection, and Option Valuation; Tonis Vaga; Hardcover

The Psychology of Finance; Lars Tvede; Hardcover

The Psychology of Technical Analysis : Profiting from Crowd Behavior and the Dynamics of Price; Tony Plummer; Hardcover

R.N. Elliott's Masterworks : The Definitive Collection; Robert R., Jr. Prechter; Hardcover

A Random Walk Down Wall Street : Including a Life-Cycle Guide to Personal Investing; Burton G. Malkiel; Paperback

A Random Walk Down Wall Street : Including a Life-Cycle Guide to Personal Investing; Burton G. Malkiel; Paperback

A Random Walk Down Wall Street : Including a Life-Cycle Guide to Personal Investing; Burton Gordon Malkiel, Burton G. Malkiel; Hardcover

Registered Representative Stockbroker : Nasd Series 7 Exam (4th Ed); Philip Meyers, et al; Paperback

Relative Dividend Yield : Common Stock Investing for Income and Appreciation (Wiley Finance Edition); Anthony E. Spare; Hardcover

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator; Edwin Lefevre; Hardcover

Revolution on Wall Street : The Rise and Decline of the New York Stock Exchange; Marshall E. Blume, et al; Hardcover

Risks and Rewards : A Memoir; Julia Montgomery Walsh, et al; Paperback

Sector Investing, 1996; Sam Stovall, San Stovall; Paperback

Securities Analysis : A Personal Seminar; New York Institute Of Finance; Paperback

Selling Short : Risks, Rewards, and Strategies for Short Selling Stocks, Options, and Futures (Wiley Finance Editions); Joseph A. Walker; Hardcover

Shareholder Value : Key to Corporate Development (The Best of Long Range Planning ; No. 10) Vol 10; Christopher J. Clarke, Christopher Clarke; Paperback

Small Cap Stocks : Investment Portfolio Strategies for the Institutional Investor; Robert A. Klein, Jess Lederman; Hardcover

The Speculative Strategist : High Returns from Controlled Risk Strategies in Stock and Futures Markets (McGraw-Hill Traders Library); Will Slatyer, Will Slayter; Hardcover

Standard & Poor's 500 Guide; Standard, et al; Paperback

Standard & Poor's : The Dividend Rich Investor; Joseph Tigue, Joseph Lisanti; Hardcover

Standard & Poor's Midcap 400 Guide; Standard, et al; Paperback

Standard & Poor's Stock and Bond Guide 1996 (Serial); Standard, et al; Paperback

Starting and Running a Profitable Investment Club : The Official Guide from the National Association of Investment Clubs; Thomas E. O'Hara, et al; Hardcover

The Stock Market; Richard J. Teweles, et al; Hardcover

The Stock Market (Inside Track Library Series); Nancy Dunnan; Library Binding

Stock Market Logic : A Sophisticated Approach to Profits on Wall Street; Norman, G. Fosback; Paperback

Stock Market Primer : The Classic Guide to Investment Success for the Novice and the Expert; Claude N. Rosenberg; Paperback

Stock Market Probability : Using Statistics to Predict and Optimize Investment Outcomes; Joseph E., Jr. Murphy; Hardcover

Stock Market Secrets : How Even a Rookie Can Make Big Money in the Market; Michelle M. Borzillo, Michelle Borzillo; Paperback

Stock Options (The Basic Investor's Library); Jeffrey Little; Library Binding

Stock Picking : The 11 Best Tactics for Beating the Market; Richard J. Maturi; Paperback

The Stock Selector System : How to Build a Stock Portfolio for Profits in Any Market; Michael D. Sheimo; Hardcover

Stocks for the Long Run : A Guide to Selecting Markets for Long-Term Growth; Jeremy J. Siegel; Hardcover

Straight Talk About Stock Investing; John Slatter; Paperback

Study Guide for Trading for a Living : Psychology Trading Tactics Money Management; Alexander Elder, Dr. Alexander Elder; Paperback

Super Stocks; Kenneth L. Fisher; Hardcover

Super Stocks; Kenneth L. Fisher; Paperback

Taking Control of Your Financial Future : Making Smart Investment Decisions With Stocks and Mutual Funds; Thomas E. O'Hara, Helen J. McLane; Hardcover

The Technical Analysis Course : A Winning Program for Investors & Traders; Thomas A. Meyers; Hardcover

Technical Analysis from A to Z : Covers Every Trading Tool...from the Absolute Breadth Index to the Zig Zag; Steven B. Achelis; Hardcover

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends; Robert D. Edwards, John Magee; Hardcover

The Technical Analysis of Stocks, Options and Futures : Advanced Trading Systems and Techniques; William F. Eng; Hardcover

This Is Not Your Father's Stockpicking Book : Profiting from the Hidden Investment Clues Found in Everyday Life; Derrick Niederman, et al; Hardcover

A Thousand Miles from Wall Street : Tony Gray's Commonsense Guide to Picking Stocks; Tony Gray, Kurt Greenbaum; Hardcover

Top Trader's Guide to Technical Analysis : How to Spot Patterns for Big Profits; Nathan J. Sambul; Hardcover

Trader Vic-Methods of a Wall Street Master; Victor Sperandeo, T. Sullivan Brown; Hardcover

The Trader's Edge : Cashing in on the Winning Strategies of Floor Traders, Commercials & Market Insiders; Grant Noble; Hardcover

Trading Applications of Japanese Candlestick Charting (A Wiley Finance Edition); Gary S. Wagner, Bradley L. Matheny; Hardcover

Trading for a Living : Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management (Wiley Finance Edition); Alexander, Dr. Elder, Alexander Elder; Hardcover

Trading in Choppy Markets : Breakthrough Techniques for Exploiting Nontrending Markets; Robert M. Barnes; Hardcover

Trading Rules : Strategies for Success; William F. Eng; Hardcover

Trading Rules II : More Strategies for Success; William F. Eng; Hardcover

The Trading Systems Toolkit : How to Build, Test and Apply Money-Making Stock and Futures Trading Systems; Joe Krutsinger; Hardcover

Trading Without Fear : Eliminating Emotional Decisions With Arms Trading Strategies (Wiley Finance Editions); Richard W., Jr. Arms, Richard W. Arms; Hardcover

The Ultimate Stock Picker's Guide : 24 Top Experts Recommend 25 Stocks to Buy & Hold; Warren Boroson; Paperback

Understanding Wall Street; Jeffrey B. Little, Lucien Rhodes; Paperback

Using Technical Analysis : A Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding and Applying Stock Market Charting Techniques; Clifford Pistolese; Paperback

The Vest Pocket Guide to Value Investing : Winning & Practical Techniques for Portfolio Management & Individual Stock Selection; C. Thomas Howard; Paperback

Wall Street : How It Works (Basic Investors Library); Jeffrey Little; Library Binding

The Wall Street Journal, Guide to Understanding Money and Markets; Rich Wurman; Paperback

Wall Street Money Machine : New and Incredible Strategies for Cash Flow and Wealth Enhancement; Wade B. Cook; Hardcover

Wall Street's Picks for 1996; Kirk Kazanjian; Paperback

The Weight of the Yen : How Denial Imperils America's Future and Ruins an Alliance; R. Taggart Murphy; Hardcover

When to Sell for the '90s : Inside Strategies for Stock-Market Profits; Justin Mamis; Paperback

Where Are the Customer's Yachts?, Or, a Good Hard Look at Wall Street (Wiley Investment Classics); Fred Schwed, Peter Arno; Paperback

The Whiz Kid of Wall Street's Investment Guide : How I Returned 34 Percent on My Portfolio, and You Can, Too; Matt Seto, Steven Levingston; Hardcover

Why Stocks Go Up (And Down); William H. Pike; Paperback

The Worth Guide to Electronic Investing : Everything You Need to Know to Use Your Home Computer to Make More Money in the Stock Market; Jim Jubak; Paperback

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