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The NO SMOKE software program for Windows can help you quit smoking. NO SMOKE is also used in schools to educate children about the dangers of cigarettes and tobacco.

No Smoke is now available FREE for individual use, or for organizations wishing to evaluate the program. Click Here to download the full-featured freeware version of No Smoke.

NO SMOKE isn't just one computer program. It is 12 programs in one. The program is filled with techniques and analysis sections that cover every aspect of the problem of quitting smoking.

List of No Smoke Installations All Over the World

Schools and Public Health Organizations Using No Smoke

With NO SMOKE you'll discover why you smoke. You'll learn to deal with automatic habits. You'll learn how to quit smoking without gaining weight. There is even a section that computes how much money you spend per year on cigarettes.

NO SMOKE also has fun video game sections, for both adults and young people. You can shoot down all your excuses to smoke and even destroy the tobacco factory.

These web sites explain NO SMOKE in detail:

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  3. NO SMOKE FAQ, below.
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Below is an image of the NO SMOKE main menu screen, showing the wide scope of the program:

With the animated Excuse Blaster, wizards, pterodactyls, jets, helicopters and tanks appear to blast away all those silly excuses smokers make (you can program in your own). The Smoke Zapper video game lets you match wits against flying cigarettes that send smoking butts to try to get you. Programmable affirmations and health suggestions flash on the screen as you play. Another section lets you ease out your stress. In the animated Villains section, you get to crush the moving cigarette with a boot and destroy the tobacco factory piece by piece. Other sections help you catalog your smoking history, analyze why you smoke, help you quit without gaining weight, and even calculate how much money you will save by quitting. A master quitting strategy section coordinates it all.

With its bright colorful menus, sounds and unique animations, NO SMOKE is easy for anyone to use. Requires Windows (works with Windows 3.x or Windows 95) . $19.95 in single copy version.

Schools are beginning to use NO SMOKE in their anti-smoking education efforts. NO SMOKE is designed to keep track of information entries for multiple users, such as a school class. Reduced rate site licenses for schools and institutions are available, and custom versions of NO SMOKE can be produced. For further information about school versions of NO SMOKE, please contact Elliot Essman, the developer. Information is on our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.--- How much does No Smoke cost?

A.--- Single copies of No Smoke are $20.00 US, plus shipping.

Q.--- Is No Smoke a disk or a CD?

A.--- No Smoke fits on one disk and installs to about 2.6MB.

Q.--- Should No Smoke be used in conjunction with other stop smoking methods or medications?

A.--- Yes, No Smoke is consistent with all other stop smoking methods. Many people are using products like Zyban (Wellbutrin), the Nicoderm Patch, and Nicorette gum to help them kick the habit. You can use all these methods and products together. The Nicoderm Patch, and Nicorette gum help with the physical nicotine habit, the Zyban gets you through the difficult psychological withdrawal, while No Smoke keeps you focused on your goal.

Q.--- Is No Smoke available in a Mac version?

A.--- No. There is no Mac version, nor are there any plans for creating one.

Q.--- How is No Smoke shipped? How long will it take for me to get my copy? How do I order No Smoke?

A.--- No Smoke is sent out from our location in New York as soon as we receive the order. The usual delivery method is by first class mail, with all orders outside the United States sent by air mail. We can also deliver No Smoke by email, for instant electronic delivery anywhere in the world, providing you have the ability to receive files by email attachment (such as "zip" files). You can pay for No Smoke using a Visa or MasterCard account (but NOT American Express or Discover) or a check or money order. We accept orders electronically, by fax, by regular mail and over the telephone. You'll find a link to our Secured Electronic Order Form at the bottom of this page.

Q.--- What method will No Smoke use to help me quit smoking?

A.--- No Smoke doesn't use one particular method. Instead, it is filled with dozens of techniques to help motivate you to quit smoking, plus tips of all kinds on quitting.

Q.--- Can No Smoke be used for tobacco education programs with young people?

A.--- No Smoke is ideal for education programs for young people from the junior high school level and up. It is already being used in school systems all over the world for anti-smoking programs. In some high schools, students are requested to use the program when they are caught smoking.

Q.--- Is the school version of No Smoke different from the consumer version?

A.--- No, not really. But versions of No Smoke licensed to schools, companies and organizations are given special screens with logos, school mascots and other identifying features.

Q.--- How much do site-licensed versions of No Smoke cost?

A.--- The basic price for a No Smoke site license is $10.00 per computer, subject to a $100 minimum. Single copies of No Smoke sell for $20.00 each. That means a school with only three computers would be better off just buying three regular copies of No Smoke for $20.00 each instead of purchasing the site licenses. The site licenses, however, do contain the school artwork and other personalization.

Q.--- Is No Smoke available in any languages other than English?

A.--- Yes. A German language version of No Smoke exists. The cost is $50.00 per copy.

Q.--- What if I am not satisfied with No Smoke? Can I return it and get my money back?

A.--- All products are sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can return No Smoke at any time and receive a full refund, including shipping charges.

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