Tips and Tricks to Kick the Smoking Habit
Pressing The Panic Button

These tips and tricks are excerpted from the
No Smoke software program.

Here are a few techniques you can use when you really want to smoke and feel like hitting the panic button.

-----When you get the craving for a cigarette, remember that the worst will be over in just a few minutes. So get involved with something else. Do a necessary and time-consuming chore like sorting your files or even cleaning your home. Once you get through the first 5-10 minutes, tell yourself you're a hero! Never feel sorry for yourself. You can do it!

-----Put something else in your mouth, preferably something that doesn't make you fat. A pencil, a finger. If you occupy yourself with bill paying and check writing, you'll get some oral interaction from licking the envelopes and stamps. Or buy wind instrument (flute, saxophone, recorder, harmonica) and learn how to express yourself through it. You get a lot of oral satisfaction from playing the harmonica, it's easy, and you can buy one for practically nothing. You can do it!

-----Here's a good breathing exercise the really helps for those panic moments. It takes some practice so be patient. Relax your body. Go limp. Inhale slowly and deeply, Breath in as much as you can. Hold for a brief moment and then let the air out very slowly. Push out the last bits of air then hold for a moment. Repeat a few times. Practice getting the exercise right, concentrating on smooth breathing at all times. You can do it!

-----Instead of smoking, write down plans for quitting smoking (even if you have already written down plans). Write down plans for some other goal. Write down a shopping list. Take out a pen or pencil (it will occupy your hands and you can also chew on it) and write down something purposeful. Poetry, a letter, anything. You can do it!

-----DISTRACT yourself with ANYTHING when you get the urge. It will pass in a few minutes. You might get the urge to smoke again but don't worry about that now. Get through each urge one at a time. Each time you get the urge think back to previous times you successfully resisted the urge. If you succeeded once, you can succeed twice. If you succeeded twice...well, you get the idea. You'll come to like the process of getting the urge and then getting through it. You get stronger each time. You can do it!

-----Have an imaginary conversation with people who know you about how successful you were at quitting. Get into it and make it as elaborate as possible. Imagine the questions they will ask you and rehearse your answers word for word. Imagine telling everyone how good you feel now that you have quit. Remember: word for word. Choose descriptive adjectives that truly reflect the joy you feel at "growing clean." Try this technique over and over until you become superbly articulate on the subject of quitting. You can do it!

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